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1. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

2. Authority

3. Date

4. Content

5. Purpose of the Site

6. Design

 7. Evaluation Sites some of which include sample checklist forms

Examples of poorly designed web sites

Examples of spoof sites

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Formats for citing online sources:


Concerns of plagiarism are not new. The computer's ability to cut and paste makes it easier to plagiarize. The phrase (in quotation marks) search capability of the Internet makes it easier to find the original text.

1. General Sites and Articles on Plagiarism

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2. What plagiarism is

Learning Skills Centre - How to lessen the chances of plagiarism Sponsored by the University of Northern British Columbia this site includes a definition of plagiarism and suggestions on how to avoid plagiarism when preparing papers.

Examples of plagiarism:

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3. Avoiding plagiarism including note taking skills:

Plagiarism can be avoided by:

Beating the Cheating A webquest for teachers that provides professional development activity to examine ways of dealing with cheating and examining the way assignments are designed.

Cornell Note Taking System Record, reduce, recite, reflect, review. Emphasis on lecture notes.

Kimbel Library - Cheating 101:Easy Steps to Combating Plagiarism Suggestions to help teachers ensure that their students do not hand in plagiarized papers

The New Plagiarism: Seven antidotes to prevent highway robbery in an electronic age May 1998 From Now On article by Jamie McKenzie.

Taking Notes from a Text Book Part of a study skills site maintained by University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Taking Notes in Lectures Part of a study skills site maintained by University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Plagiarism Examples and explanation of acceptable and unacceptable paraphrasing.

Plagiarism Theme Page Part of B.C. Ministry of Education's Community Learning Network Site. Links to a variety of sites including: lessons and activities to show students how to write a research paper without copying, a teaching unit on how to conduct internet searches and cite findings, and 18 suggestions for lessons on how to avoid plagiarism.

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 4. Where papers are available on the Internet

A1 Termpaper Pre written or custom research papers available "for research only". Filtered site.

Cheating 101: Paper Mills and You, Internet Plagiarism Based on a teacher effectiveness seminar. Overview of paper mills, how to combat and detect plagiarism, and how to track down suspicious papers.

Darian's Paper Archive Includes history papers, 10 papers on Shakespeare and a variety of literature papers.

Essay Crawler More than 35,000 free essays, term papers and book reports.

The Paper Store Term paper examples for sale.

Research Papers Online Promises instant delivery and low prices.

School Sucks Filtered Site

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5. Detecting plagiarism

Paper contains:

Instructors Guide to Internet Plagiarism What to watch for, what to do if you catch a cheater and more.

Kimbel Library - Cheating 101: Detecting Plagiarized Papers List of things that can indicate a plagiarized paper.

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6. Tools for proving plagiarism

A sampling of free and fee based Internet plagiarism detection sites:


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Useful links for instructional paterials production and use Covers a.v.hardware, copyright (U.S.), graphics, media literacy, sounds, web site spoofs. Dr. Carol Simpson, Assisant Professor, School of Library and Information Sciences, Univsersity of North Texas..

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Workshop Presented March 8, 2001

Last Update July 8, 2002