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The following sites cover a variety of elementary themes..

At Beaverlodge School This Pembina Trails K-6 School Division school has links to great sites on themes such as farm, colours, knights, dinosaurs, various countries.

Berit's Best Sites for Children Recommendation web sites for children up to age 12. Searchable database includes links to Holidays, Creatures, Art, Math, Science, History.

Early Childhood Thematic Units Supported by the San Bernardino County Schools, Special Services, Special Education Division. Includes links to Zoo, Farm, Holidays, Rhymes,Transportation, Community Helpers.

Gander Acadamy's Theme Related Resources for the WWW Compiled by teachers of Gander Academy for themes they cover in K-5

Greentown Elementary School This site contains 35 thematic units on topics in all major subject areas with Web-based components.

Kindergarten Kafe Activity ideas, authors, holidays, bulletin boards and more.

Instructional Materials in Media Literacy Studies A Community Learning Network, B.C. Ministry of Education Site.

School Express Worksheets, units, activities. Information on a theme available free for a short time then archived.. Once they are archived, units have to be purchased for $1 US at

Teachers Net Lesson Bank Searchable database of lesson plans. A search on St. Patrick's Day was unsuccessful. Patrick's Day resulted in four hits for preschool and elementary activities.

Themes Page This page of the Educator's Toolkit Site is part of the Ontario Teachers' Webring.

World Wide Web Curriculum Resources Elementary School, Kindergarten Holidays -- Thanksgiving -- Presidents' Day; Grade One Marine Mammals --- Spiders; Grade Two Birds of Prey -- Bugs --- Reptiles (alligators, etc.); Grade Three Weather and Native Americans; Grade Four Math, Social Studies and More! --- Earthquakes; Grade Five Exploring Space - Colonial American History -Thanksgiving and Plymouth Plantation.



VC6809 SALTIMBANCO: CIRQUE DE SOLEIL Daring feats, fantastic costumes, wonderful musical scores.

RB0152 Special themes for moving & learning Grade Early - Intermediate Summary: Movement is used to explore classroom themes such as: holidays, nature, animals, occupations, self-awareness, the sea, transportation, shapes, colors, hygiene, seasons, the circus.

VC8851 Circus kids: Grade Early Years. Summary: How effort, reliability and teamwork are absolute essentials in a career with the traveling circus.

VC8850 Circus! Grade Early Years. Summary: Every member of the circus must perform a variety of jobs to keep the show running smoothly.






A - Z One at a time list of dinosaurs "Fossils of the skeletal remains of dinosaurs provide only indirect evidence as to how dinosaurs actually looked. Their colors, for example. have been left to print and special effects artists. This site will help students locate the grea illustrations of dinosaurs posted on the Internet". Classroom Connect.

Academy's Dinosaurs Theme: General resources, fact sheets, teacher resources and more.

All About Dinosaurs

Connecting Students Provides links to sites for teachers, dinosaur resources, dinosaur facts, images, books, lesson plans, handouts, and web based activities.

CyberBee meets T-Rex and other dino stories Links to Dinosaur web sites subdivided by: History; Reference; Dinosaur Museum Sites; Miscellaneous; Lessons; Fun Stuff.

Digging for Dinosurs The September 2004 issue of Clonnect Newsletter has a theme focused lesson and activities for Grades 3-8 on Digging for Dinoaurs

Digging Into Science Includes a photo page, a link to the Kid Zone, and unit lesson links. Also includes teacher information.

Dino Directory Search by body type, or location where dinosaur bones/fossils have been found. A great activity would be to look at different types of dinosaurs, and map the countries where their bones and fossils were discovered. Blue Web'n Review.

Dino Russ's Lair Dinosaur art, digs, eggs, sites, tracks and more.

Dinobuzz Current topics concerning dinosaurs including: What is good science; Dinosaurs - Bird relationships; Dinosaur movies and reality; Dinosaur extinction; Dinosaur seeds.

Dino-mania Mrs. Tate's 4th grade class at Holy Cross School in Illinois researched dinosaurs and wrote their own dinosaur songs and poems and made dioramas.

Dinosaur Art and Modeling Links to various artists' dinosaur art or model creations.

Dinosaur Dictionary Includes audio for pronunciation of dinosaur names. Many entries have illustration that compares dinosaur to a six foot man.

Dinosaur, dinosaurs, dinosaurs! Dinosaur aft, dictionary, news, digs, scientists, books and videos, and dinosaur links.

Dinosaur Eggs National Geographic an online egg hunt. Fossil researchers "hatch" fossilized dinosaur eggs to reveal the embryos inside. Tour our museum of dinosaur hatchlings, meet the modelers, and preview EXPLORER's forthcoming television show about the "Dinosaur Hunters" of the Gobi desert.

Dinosaurs - Fact or Fiction Contains a variety of information on dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Resources for K-12 Subdivided by: Ask a Paleontologist; Dinosaur Societies; Online Books; Online Periodicals; Mailing Lists and Newsletters; Dinosaur Links; Places where dinosaurs lived; Online reference aids; Learning about dinosaurs; Kinds of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures; Dinosaur art; Dinosaur bibliographies; Dinosaurs - units and lesson plans; Virtual Exhibits; Fun things; Jurassic Park (Movie).

Dinosaur Theme Page "This theme page has links to two types of resources related to the study of dinosaurs." Great for both students and teachers. Also provides links to lesson plans.

Dinosaurs Alive: Suitable for grades K-6. "This interactive Internet Class uses dinosaurs to teach scientific research and to share science as an ongoing process".

Dinosaurs at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Information sheets on various dinosaurs. List of dinosaur books and videos.

Dinosaurs in Cyberspace: Dinolinks Links to comprehensive, classification, basic information, dinosaurs around the world, dinosaur tracks and traces, media coverage, dinosaur extinctions, specific dinosaurs, dinosaur entrepreneurs, dinosaurs for kids, dinosaurs and other aspects of paleontology, dinosaurs in museums, dinosaur related organizations and institutions, dinosaur arts and models, dinosaurs as movie stars, and not really dinosaurs but worthy of mention sites.

Discovering Dinosaurs Encyclopedia Britannica site. Activities for students and teachers (grades 4-8), explore dinosaurs. Students are guided through the process of sketching, naming, and describing their hatchling by exploring the real world of dinosaur study. A complete teacher's guide for each activity is included. Classroom Connect

Discovering Dinosaurs at The Academy of Natural Sciences "View dinosaur skeletons from the museum collection, participate in an online dinosaur scavenger hunt, read (or write) dinosaur stories or poems, learn about fossils, view kid-created dinosaur artwork, or delve further into the subject by accessing the excellent selection of kid-friendly links. For teachers, the site provides an online guide to using the site and addtiional links." Classroom Connect, September 2000.

Discovery Room Online Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh . Answers to commonly asked questions about dinosaurs. Construct a dinosaur. Bibliography.

ECB Surf Report Archives:Web Sites for Teachers - Dinosaurs Links to great dinosaur sites for teachers and students such as Dinosaur Eggs from National Geographic, Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction; Discovering Dinosaurs.

Gander Academy's Dinosaurs Theme Related Resources on the World Wide Web Subdivided by: General Resources; Dinosaur Disappearance; Dinosaur Fact Sheets; Dinosaur Classification; Dinosaurs and Birds; Dinosaurs Species; Dinosaur Gallery; Dinosaur Museums; Teacher Resources; Dino Trace and Fossils.

Kinetosaurs John Payne of the Children's Museum of Indianopolis has made dinosaurs dance, roll their heads, and swish their tails. Student can discover the science behine his art, and learn how to make their own dinosaur art! They can also explore the museum's dinosaur database, which includes information and pictures of twenty different dinosaurs. Students can even print and color drawings of their favorites. Classroom Connect.

My Dinosaur Page Numerous links to general and specific dinosaur sites, museums and parks, fossils and education. This page of the Educator's Toolkit Site is part of the Ontario Teachers' Webring.

Name that Reptile Game From the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Newton's Apple - Dinosaur Page PBS site. Vocabulary, resources, activities and more.

Paper Dinosaurs An exhibition of original publications related to the history of dinosaur discovery. Includes 136 original images.

Zoom Dinosaurs Covers: all about dinosaurs; dino news; dino info sheets; anatomy and behavior; Mesozoic Era, extinction, fossils, classification, dino quizzes; dino dictionary;;classroom activities; ask a question; dino fun; and a geological time chart.



Dot to Dot Dragon Click correctly to complete the dot-to-dot dragon called Daisy. For early years.

Dragon Picture Books List of books with dragons as theme.

Dragon Tales PBS kids site. Paint a dragon, dragon games, treasure hunt maze. For early years.

Dragons Theme page with links to sites on chinese dragon, dragon history, dragon graphics, Komodo dragon and more.

Dragons from Western Folk Tales An annotated list of dragon stories.

History of Dragons around the World Brief descriptions of some famous dragons.



First Day of School Activities Grades K-8. "Select from among fourteen terrific first day of school activities compiled by Kevin Kearney of Breton Education Centre, New Waterford, Nova Scotia. For example, use a can (or a paper towel tube) to have students create a mini-time capsule filled with a handprint, handwriting sample, self-portrait, or other memorabilia. Then make another at the end of the year and compare! Or, have students share five facts about themselves while you share 30, then have a competition to see who can remember the most facts: you or the students. Regardless of who wins, you've all learned about each other in the process." Connected Newsletter.





Secrets of the Lost Empires: Medieval Siege. Web site for the NOVA program Medieval Siege. Linkgs to: Medieval Arms Race; build a Trebuchet; Life in a castle; Destroy the castle; plus resources and a teacher's guide.




Crop Circle Connector Crop Circle Pictures. Links to other sites. Also available in French, German and Spanish. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Crop Circles Quest Information about specific crop circles in Canada and links to other sites. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Theories on the Formation of Crop Circles Explanation of 9 basic theories. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.


Mystic Places: Easter Island Statues, construction, rise and fall. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires - Easter Island PBS NOVA Series site. Science behind the statues. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.


Nessie of Loch Ness From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Nessie's Grotto Sightings, lore and science. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

NOVA: The Beast of Loch Ness PBS NOVA Series site. Birth of an event. Eyewitness accounts. Experiments with Sonar. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Nazca Lines

eMuseum: Nazca Information and exhibits. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Mystic Places: Nazca Lines What are they? Simple methods, deities and pilgramages. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.


Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Egyptian Pyramid Information and bibliography. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

NOVA: The Pyramids PBS NOVA Series site. Explore the Pyramids. Follow the excavation. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.


The Complete Stonehenge Mystery, plans for historic site, photos, photography, maps. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Mysterious Places: Stonehenge About the ruins and links to related sites. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Mystic Places: Stonehenge What is it? Construction and enigma. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.

Sacred Sites: Stonehenge Information about Stonehenge. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.


PBS: Life Beyond Earth Are we alone? Is anybody listening. From Classroom Connect, December 2002/January 2003.



Athens 2004 Plympic Games Official site

Canadian Olympians Searchable database of more than 10,000 images of 20th- and 21st-century Canadian Olympic athletes. Two comprehensive teaching strategies; ideas for classroom activities; crossword puzzle--Grades 4 to 9.



Snow Crystals How snow forms, what makes snowflakes unique. Observing snow crystals, hot to take pictures of them. Photographs of snow crystals. Explanation of the physics of snow crystals. Instructions on how to make snow crystals. Classroom Connect Site.


TOLERANCE This site has sections for teachers, parents, teens and kids. Also for tolerance watch, do something and dig deeper.



2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia includes Quake and Tsunami characteristics, Human component, news links and more.

Anatomy of an Earthquake: Science Interactive "Journey below the earth's surface to discover how shifts in geologic plates set off earthquakes. A map detailing the lines of specific geologic zones shows you the regions of our planet where an earthquake is most likely to occur." .

BBC News: Tsunami Animated Guide Watch the animation or download the printable, non-animated version of the tsunami graphic PDF file. The site also includes maps and a timeline as well as lots of other information.

Bogus Tsunami Photo - Revealed A fake photo for discussion about the reliability of information.on the Internet.

Discovery Channel - 2004 Asian Tsunami Interactive map, slide show, video and latest news.

FEMA for Kids: Tsunami Federal Emergency Management Agency site for younger children.

How Stuff Works - Tsunami Arranged by: Introduction to how tsunami works; Anatomy of a wave; Birth of a Tsunami; Hitting the water; Landfall; December 26, 2006; Tsunami Predictions and 2004 Tsuaunmi footage.

Save the Children: Teaching Tools "The academic tool kit -- for both an elementary and senior levels -- helps inform and contextualize the disaster for students. The proposed curriculum aims to educate students about the cause and effects of tsunamis. Participating youth are encouraged to express their feelings about the tragedy through art and writing. Students are also urged to explore the rights of children under survival and development in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and contrast them against ‘wants.’"

Surfnet: Tsunami Links to sites for the study of tsunami and current news.

Tsunami Coverage in National Geographic Search for links to National Geographic articles on the topic. Contains various video clips.

The Tsunami Curriculum "Sally Ann Gibson, a resource teacher at Manitoba's Birds Hill School, has created "Wake of the Wave," a curriculum guide for educators wanting to discuss the recent disaster with their students. The guide is aimed at students between grades 3 and 7 and includes background information on tsunamis, the region, discussion question, and activities".

Tsunami Resources Links and lesson ideas for younger students.

UNICEF From a child's perspective shows the devastation and recovery efforts.


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