1. Hours

2. Services

i) A.V. booking and shipping

Grade level is at the end of the description.

ii) Professional books and periodicals

iii) Music collection

iv) Delivery system

v) Duplicating

The Centre will copy any non copyrighted audio or video cassettes. The only charge is for the cost of the tape.

vi) Laminating

vii) Binding

The Centre has coil and heat binders. The Centre has various sizes of coils for sale.

Binding Coils

All Sizes - 10¢

Heat Binding

All Sizes - 10¢

viii) Ellison Dies

For a complete list of Ellison Dies

ix) Bookmarks

Visit our Bookmarks Central site to access a variety of sites arranged by curriculum area and topic.

x) Databases

All schools have access to

1. Ebscohost Professional Collection
2. Teaching Books
3. WorldBook Encyclopedia Online


See your library personnel for username and password information for access from home.


Last Updated: August 23, 2006