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Mad Sci Net: The 24-hour exploding laboratory.

Manitoba Education and Training Information about the Manitoba Science Curriculum

Manitoba Science Curriculum Documents and Science Learning Outcomes Search Site

Science Experiments The March 25, 1998 issue of KIDS Report evaluates 17 Internet sites.

StarDate Online Includes a tip of the day, such as which stars and planets are particularly visible in each night's sky, and an FAQ of the day, such as the difference between a lunar and a solar eclipse. The Stargazing section, in-depth weekly, monthly, and yearly tips and a comprehensive Sky Almanac.

Welcome to Science World: This British Columbia site provides links to interesting science and education sites including Great Canadian Scientists, Quirks & Quarks, OceanLink and links to science centres around the world.

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Adventures in Science and Technology Profiles of Canadian scientists and other information about science and technology. Also lists projects provided by YES-VACC.

Ancient Inventions

Canadian HomeWorkshop "A look at the most influential workshop-related innovations of the last 100 years."

A Canadian Invented That! A list of inventions arranged by subject. Provides links to other related sites.

Canadian Inventions Inventions, inventors, and year of the invention.

Canadian Inventions, Innovations and Inventors Chart of Canadian inventions, description/achievement/notes, and the year. Lists inventions before 1796 and up to 1994. Also provides links to other related information.

Canadian Inventors & Inventions Brief descriptions of Canadian inventors and their inventions, and famous Canadian patent holders. Links to more information about the inventors that are listed and other related sites.

Canadian Inventors in the News Links to news stories on other web sites. Arranged by province and major cities. Includes Canadian inventor's stories and a link to free patent trade-mark searches.

Canadian Patents Database "Lets you access over 75 years of patent descriptions and images. You can search, retrieve, and study more than 1,400,000 patent documents."

Canadian Scientists List of the most popular Canadian scientists, Nobel Laureates, and major profiles of inventors. You can search a database of scientists by category, region, or gender. Also includes links to other science biography sites.

Enchanted Learning: Inventions of Canada and the USA Inventors and inventions listed alphabetically, by year, by subject, and by country.

Famous Canadian Patents A brief description of some of Canada's famous patents provided by Industry Canada.

Greatest Inventions: The Evolution of Man Through History Acquaints you with "the way people have walked up the "ladder of evolution" from the invention of Gutenberg's printing press to the invention of the Digital Video Disc." Click on the wheels to access help pages, cool links, site guides, inventions, and inventors, or search the site for whatever you're looking for! Provided by Thinkquest.

Historical Inventions A to Z Inventions are arranged alphabetically and it provides links to other related subjects.

History of Inventions Inventions "that have changed the way we live."

How to Hold a Local Invention Convention Links to webpages that have guidelines for hosting an invention convention in your classroom or school. The site is provided by Houghton Mifflin.

Important Historical Inventions and Inventors A list of inventions, inventors, and country that is arranged by subject.

Inventions and Discoveries An alphabetical list of inventions and discoveries provided by the Learning Network. Links to related sites, National Inventors Hall of Fame inductees, and a Roundup of Recent Discoveries.

Inventions Summary by Decade A summary of inventions arranged by Decade.

Lemelson Centerpieces: Inventors and Their Work "An in-depth look at featured inventors and their work."

List of Inventors Includes Inventor Archives, links to Inventor of the Week, and related sites. Able to search by invention or Invention Dimension.

Reporting Inventions An information page from McGill University dealing with why inventions should be reported.

Tasteful Inventions A chart of inventions such as Frenchtoast, Life Savers, and 7-UP, and their inventors.

Technology in the News Discover Magazine web page full of scientific news.

What is Intellectual Property? An information page from McGill University dealing with intellectual property and who owns it.


Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange: Select science to link to a wide variety of science lesson plans. Site provides grade level information.

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Canada Wide 2008 Virtual Science Fair "For those about to stage a Web-based event, this site's a mustsee. In addition to hundreds of online science projects, discussion boards provide valuable tips on organizing a virtual fiar, from how to register to how to post digital projects. Created by: Virtual Science Fair Inc., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada." [from March 2008 School Library Journal]

Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair Links to project ideas, and best projects. Includes French and English projects.

Crystal Clear Science Fair Projects "This site is more than just a list of science fair project ideas. It starts with a section on how to choose the best science fair project by searching the web, reading science magazines and journals, and paying attention to the latest science related news. Following this discussion is a list of science questions, which may spark a student's interest and help them settle on a science project idea. Next up is a section on researching your topic, including information on how to take good notes. A section on designing your experiment goes over parts of the scientific method." From Science Books and Films September/October 2006 p.199.

Cyber Fair Created for and by students grades 3 through 6. Results of science fair projects, ideas, sample projects, links to other science fair sites, guide to doing an experimental science project. Good outline of steps in a science fair project.

Exploratorium Studio Science Fairs Overview of what science fairs are. Resources for students, teachers and parents.

Hundreds of Science Fair Projects for Students Search idea, topics, links to useful sites.

Internet Public Library's Science Fair Project Resource Guide: Scientific method, choosing a topic, sample projects, links to other science fair sites.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair The top science fair competition for grades 9-12. Winners compete for scholarships, tuition grants, science equipment and scientific field trips. Some Eastern Canadian sites.

Mad Scientist Laboratory: Ideas for Science fair projects, How to set up and organize a project, global science projects.

Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Planetarium, Science Centre Phenomena and environmental events around the world.

The National Student Research Center: Links to sites containing information, examples and resources for science fairs, classroom activities and for publication.

Newton's Apple Science Try Its "Too often, science activities are cut and paste. Students simply log on to a science fair Web site, download the project instructions, and even print the results at the same time. Not so with Newton's Apple Try Its. These fun project ideas require that kids get hands-on. Created by: Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, MN." [from March 2008 School Library Journal]

School Science Fairs Newfoundland site with K-12 project suggestions, links.

Science Buddies "Sure, Science Buddies offers plenty of fair-quality projects. But it's the teacher resources that are the real treasure on this site. To find them, click on the teacher's tab at the top of the home page. Created by: The Kenneth Lafferty Hess Family Charitable Foundation, Carmel, CA. Don't miss: Good rubrics for grading science projects are hard to find. Here you'll find 10, covering all aspects of a project, from start to finish." [from march 2008 School Library Journal]

Science Buddies Science Project Ideas, Answers and Tools for Serious Students Ideas, how-to, value of science fair projects. Includes topic selection wizard. This survey helps students find the science areas that are most interesting to them. Teacher's section contains worksheets and other resources.

The Science Club: Kids' projects here Links to science fair exchange, book lists plus sample simple, medium difficulty and advanced projects.

Science Fair Central Handbook, ideas, tip sheets and more. Link to Science Fair organizer provides tips for teachers. Includes for parents on helping their young scientist.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide "Created by librarians, this Web site is a well-known classic among science-fair veterans. Guidance found here is designed to lead kids step-by-step through the process of selecting a topic, doing a project, and creating a fair display - along with helpful links to other resources for learning more about the scientific method, creating graphs, and even avoiding judges' pet peeves. Created by: The internet Public Library Consortium." [from March 2008 School Library Journal]! Project steps, hints, ideas, report writing, display boards, ask a scientist.

The WWW Virtual Science Fair Homepage Listing of local, regional, state, national and international science fair sites available through the World Wide Web. Includes a link to Western Manitoba Science Fair and section on virtual science fairs is also included.

ZOOMsci "These simple science experiments are ideal for elementary students and teachers seeking in-class projects. Especially cool is the "Can Car" experiment. Created by: WGBH, Boston, MA. Detour: For more simple science activities, each with a printable "Try it Offline" handout, visit TryScience at and click on "Experiments"." [from March 2008 School Library Journal]

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EurekAlert! "EurekAlert, a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has been publising the latest science news online since 1996. News is sorted into 14 different categories including agriculture, archaeology, biology, chemistry, education, and math. For those interested in finding out more, each newsworthy item includes the name and contact information of the responsible scientist. This is a great destination for current events or for selecting a research topic, as well as for learning about the variety of cutting-edge work that scientists currently pursue." From Classroom Connect, March 2004. earth, space and weather science news and reference Science news columns, headlines and brief stories. Has keyword search feature.

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Earthquake Information Contains maps of recent earthquake locations.

National Earthquake Information Centre Current and general earthquake information with a searchable database and links to related resources.


Acid Rain The smoke and fumes released from burning fossil fuels combine with moisture to produce acid rain. Join schools from around the globe to determine if the pH level of rainwater is affected by proximity to a fossil fueled power plant. This project was designed in conjunction with the Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Blue Web'n Review.



Acid Rain "The smoke and fumes released from burning fossil fuels combine with moisture to produce acid rain. Join schools from around the globe to determine if the PH level of rainwater is affected by proximity to a fossil fueled power plant." This project was designed in conjunction with the Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Blue Web'n Site.

Elements Online environmental magazine. English and French.

Millennium Eco-Communities Environment Canada's millennium site focuses on us following environmental practices that will take us to the future.

Sustainable Development

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Students' Page Highlights: Examination of ecological concerns, news and activities for middle and senior students.


Ask A Volcanologist 101 FAQ. Includes a link to Volcano World Information about volcanoes. Includes sections on currently erupting volcanoes, teaching and learning, Mt. St. Helens.

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Last Updated: April 18, 2008