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Power Point Presentations

Academic Honesty-Combating Plagiarism Ontario School Library Association page. PowerPoint presentations for staff use and for students. The site also includes resource lists for staff and students and downloadable support materials and legal and ethical use of information worksheet.

Internet Plagiarism PD workshop for junior and senior high teachers

Preventing Plagiarism PowerPoint presentation suitable for use with secondary students


MECY defines plagiarism for the purposes of the S4 Provincial ELA Standards Test as "the presentation of someone else's ideas or writings as one's own". Plagiarism is theft - stealing another person's ideas and lying - saying the ideas are your own.

Plagiarism methods include:



In terms of the S4 ELA Standards Test, MECY states: Be aware that plagiarism constitutes theft and will result in a test score of zero. Schools have followed suit with proven plagiarism cases.


The best tool against plagiarism is prevention through assignment design and educating students on ethical use of information (academic honesty)


Check your school library web page for a link to the Plaigiarism section

Anti-Plagiarims Strategies for Research Papers Understanding why students cheat; Educating yourself and students about plagiarism: Benefits of citing sources; making the penalties clear; Prevention stategies, Detection strategies

Combating Cybercheating: Resources for Teachers Links to: various sites on evolution of cybercheating; defining plagarism; strategies for teachers; and plagiarism detection services.

The Instructors Guide To Internet Plagiarism Defines plagiarism and offers detection tips for educators including training in plagiarism detection, advice for educators and parents, articles, FAQs, and links to other websites.

Internet Plagiarism: A Teacher's Combat Guide From Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, volume 1, issue 4. Outline: What is plagiarism; what teachers should look for; strategies to prevent plagiarism

Making Plagiarism Proof Assignments Part of the Colorado State University's Teaching Guides for Plagairism. This section includes: Strategies for writin classroom; Postscripts for the writing process; and Getting students engaged with the research writing process.

Plagiarism Advice for Lessons This section of the Apple Learning Interchange site provides advice on helping students and parents to avoid plagiarism.

Resources Promoting Academic Integrity for Instructors Provides instructors information on perspectives on why students violate academic integrity, preventing cheating and plagiarism, detecting problems. Site maintained by University of Michigan.

VirtualSalt: Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers How to prevent plagiarism and to be aware of cheating, includes information about plagiarism for students and teachers, tips on prevention, and links to other sites.


Ebsco Support - Plagiarism Help

Legal and Ethical Use of Information Worksheet This site is maintained by the Ontario School Library Association. It lists why students plagiarize and provides strategies for students and teachers to use information ethically.

How Not to Plagiarize University of Toronto site.

Myths about Plagiarism Myths and facts sheet about plagiarism.

Online Writing Lab (OWL): Avoiding Plagiarism Purdue University page. Includes sections such as: contraditions of academic writing; actions that might be seen as plagiarism; what needs to be documented and practice exercises.

Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid It How to avoid plagarism, how to recognize unacceptable and acceptable paraphrases, plagiarism and the worldwide web. This site is maintained by Writing Tutorial Services, Indiana University. Provides good examples of acceptable and unacceptable use of information

Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism Tips on what it is, citign sources, note-taking, writing

Understanding Plagiarism Tutorial Prentice-Hall tutorial to help students understand plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism. Covers citing sources, properly quoting materal, and how to paraphrase material.


Check your school library web page for a link to the Citation section

APA Reference Guide Data needed for APA citation and where to find it in the resource

APA Research Style Crib Notes How to cite suing APA style

Citation Game "This interactive game from the University of Washington helps studetns learn the correct order of words in a citation" From Teacher-Librarian, October 2005. Contains style review sheet of APA and MLA styles side-by-side.

Citation Maker "This citation maker can format bibliographies in either APA or MLA format and creates for print and multimedia formats." From Teacher-Librarian, October 2005. MLA bibliographies can be created free. There is a charge for APA style bibliographies. Also contains information and examples of both styles.

Ebsco Support - Citation Help

The Integration Station This site is maintained by the River East Transcona School Division. The work section includes information and worksheets for notetaking and citing sources.

KnightCite Citation Creation Tool "Calvin College created this extensive online citation maker. It offers over 50 different citations including for e-mail, interviews, maps and anthologies. From Teacher-Librarian, October 2005.

Landmarks Citation Machine Provides both MLA and APA format. Enter in your data and then copy and paste into your Works Cited page or footnotes

You Quote it, You Note it Canadian tutorial from Acadia University covering citing sources..


Signs of Plagarism

Your school library technician can help you with web searches and searching any subscription databases that your school has, e.g. EbscoHost, eLibrary, WorldBook Online

About Plagiarism, The Writing Center Site maintained by Claremont McKenna College in California includes a survey of plagiarism prevention software and of plagiarism detection software.

Glatt Self-Detection Test Instructions This free website checks written work for potential plagiarism. The program is intended to make writers aware of their own writing styles and identifies any text that they may have inadvertently plagiarized.Glatt also sells a student teaching program and a more reliable detection service.

SEARCHES USING SEARCH ENGINES - " Search the Internet with Google and other search engines. This is usually effective for misuse of copy and paste feature. It will usually not find purchased papers or resubmitted papers.Type in a phrase. Use quotation marks to have it searched as an exact phrase. Try different search engines


Ask Jeeves

Complete Planet One source of searching the invisible web


Google Advanced Search - exact phrase, do not need to put in quotation marks when using advanced search feature



For these services to be effective, the plagaized work must be electronically available.

ITS Center for Instructional Technology - Plagiarism Detection Tools Provides a overview of the following services

EVE2 - Plagiarism Detection for Teachers

My Drop Box Also provides information for students such as citation guidelines, FAQ, copyright laws (US) and for teachers information on intgrating plagiarism education for students, help with identifying types of plagiarism, student handouts.Students can use Turnitin to give them an opportunity to correct plagiarized sections and poor paraphrasing before submitting their paper.


Net Essays.Net Links to various paper mills.


Credible Souces Count Canadian tutorial from Acadia University covering evaluating of internet sites.

1. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

2. Authority

3. Date

4. Content

5. Purpose of the Site

6. Design

 7. Evaluation Sites some of which include sample checklist forms

Examples of spoof sites


Canadian Copyright Information Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth Site with links to information aabout copyright in Canada.

Free Educational Clipart In addition to free clipart provides information about art in the public domain and links to other public domain clipart sites.

PD Photo Free Photos and Pictures "If you want to use these images: Go ahead. I've placed most of them in the public domain. However >>> While most of them are public domain, a few aren't. Be sure to read the license under each of the enlarged pictures."

Pics4Learning "Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers."


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