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MusicLand Theme Park: Classes in grades 5-8 work in teams to create the different genre lands within the MusicLand Theme Park. Students learn about musical theater, Early Jazz (Ragtime, Dixieland, and the Blues), New Jazz (Roaring '20's, Swing, and Be-bop), Rock and Roll, Country and Folk, and Pop music. The teams design an area within the park that illustrates not only the music, but how that music fits within a historical context. Blue Web'n Reveiw.

WholeNote - The On-Line Guitar Community Blue Web'n Review, July 1999 - This site not only offers guitar lessons with notation and customizable music playback for all skill levels and styles, it also offers tools to help you build your own lessons. You can also explore links, reviews, news, member homepages, forums, ear training, and more. The site includes ads. Grade Level: Middle School, High School.


VC2429 All things considered Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: Asks the question, what is music?

CD0069 The anatomy of music, version 2.0/Macintosh Grade Intermediate - Middle - Senior Summary: Students with no previous musical knowledge can develop specific comprehension skills in classical music & attain musical cognition.

VC2534 Brass and percussion Grade Intermediate - Middle. Summary: Demonstrates the unique qualities of the instruments in the Winnipeg Youth Orchestra.

VC2661 Centuries of change Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: In Medieval and Renaissance times music, art and literature were created for one purpose, the glorification of God.

VC8857 Discovering electronic music (revised) / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: Demonstration of a digital sound synthesizer showing how sounds are synthesized and controlled electronically, different kinds of sounds, exploring concepts of enveloping and filtering.

VC8856 Discovering jazz / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: Traces the history of jazz from its roots in 19th century black America.

VC4026 Fiddler on the roof Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: The movie based on Broadway Musical about a poor Jewish farmer at the turn of the century..

VC8894 Listening for clues with Seiji Ozawa / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: What does it take to enjoy a long piece of music. Wynton Marsalis shows how to identify structure and form, and music unfolds like a story.

VC8102 Music is everywhere Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: Hearing music everywhere. Music's many meanings. Music throughout the world.

VC2428 Musically speaking Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: Music has evolved into a highly sophisticated language understood or felt by everyone.

VC8683 O Canada / Grade Early - Intermediate - Middle - Senior Summary: Orchestral rendition of O Canada with contemporary and archival film footage.

CD0050 The orchestra : Grade Intermediate - Middle - Senior. Summary: What instruments look like, hear how they sound, learn how they're played.

VC8895 Tackling the monster with special guest Yo-Yo Ma / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary: For the ones who hate to practice. Wynton Marsalis shows young musicians how to practice new or different pieces.

VC5506 Teach yourself bassoon! Grade Middle - Senior Summary: Progessive lessons for beginners.

VC2533 The woodwinds Grade Intermediate - Middle. Summary : Demonstrates the unique qualities of the instruments in the Winnipeg Youth Orchestra.


CD0094 Aux portes du matin / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary:

CD0095 La vache en Alaska / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary:

CD0093 La bottine souriante : Grade Middle - Senior. Summary:

CT0370 Content d'etre moi / Grade Middle - Senior. Summary:

VC6394 Frere Jacques Grade Early - Intermediate - Middle Summary: Based on the well known folk song. Animated. Noun, adjective & verb is visualized by appropriate object or action


Last updated: February 10, 2006