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Call # VC3328
Title All star chorister's concert
Grade Early Years - Senior.
Summary St. James choir, January 12, 1984 performance.

Call # VC6518
Title Berloiz the bear
Grade Early - Intermediate.
Summary The rhythm & energy of music draws people. CLOSED CAPTIONED

Call # CD0162
Title Big thinkers 1st grade/Macintosh/Windows
Grade Early Years
Summary 16 activities to help children learn computation, addition & subtraction, fractions, telling time, phonics, spelling, reading, geography & directions,
environmental science, life & physical sciences, thinking skills, spatial perception, art & music creativity.

Call # CD0161
Title Big thinkers kindergarten/Macintosh/Windows
Grade Early Years
Summary 16 activities to help children learn first letter identification, spelling & phonics, alphabet skills, reading, counting & computation, measurement & estimation, telling time, sequencing & patterning, geography & directions, environmental science, thinking skills,spatial perception, art & music creativity.

Call # VC8635
Title By the light of the Halloween moon /
Grade Early years
Summary A brave young girl ould rather play a trick than be gobbled up as a treat, is the star of this spirited romp under an old wooden bridge by the light of the spooky Halloween moon.

Call # VC8826
Title The Christmas elves /
Grade Early Years.
Summary Four little elves help a poor shoemaker named Hans.

Call # VC9024
Title Communications /
Grade Early years
Summary The exchange of information through talking, telephones, cellular phones, e-mail, internet, newspapers, magazines, books, sign language, radio, body language, satelites, colors, songs, shapes, uniforms, music, billboards, smoke signals.

Call # VC8769
Title Learning and exercise /
Grade Early Years
Summary Olympic gymnast, Cathy Giancaspro leads young children in a fun exercise workout with music and singing.

Call # VC8714
Title The magic school bus inside the haunted house /
Grade Early - Intermediate
Summary The class is thrilled about their upcoming concert at the Sound Museum until they discover that the spooky mansion is more of a thrill then they bargined for. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Call # VC8626
Title Merlin and the dragons :
Grade Early - Intermediate
Summary Merlin's story inspires Young Arthur with confidence he needs to become a great king. ANIMATED. CLOSED CAPTIONED

Call # VC7008
Title Mr. Frog went a-courting
Grade Early Years.
Summary Scottish folk song.

Call # VC8151
Title The music of Christmas
Grade Early Years to Senior.
Summary America's great church choirs.

Call # VC6874
Title The Music of Christmas
Grade Early Years to Senior.
Summary 18 selections that honour the Christ of Christmas by nine different church choirs. The program is interspersed with Christmas imagery, winter scenery and costumed pageantry.

Call # VC8101
Title Musical fairy tales
Grade Early Years to Intermediate.
Summary The hare, the tortoise and their friends.

Call # VC8827
Title The night before Christmas /
Grade Early Years.
Summary A kind-hearted, young orphan and his loyal cat discover the true spirit of Christmas.

Call # VC8683
Title O Canada /
Grade Early - Intermediate - Middle - Senior
Summary Orchestral rendition of O Canada with contemporary and archival film footage.

Call # CD0146
Title Ozzie's travels :
Grade Early to Intermediate.
Summary Interactive games, mazes. Cultural information on music, legends, foklore. Full motion animation.

Call # CT0339
Title Simple sums
Grade Early years.
Summary Add and subtract to music.

Call # VC5577
Title There's music all aound us
Grade Early Years
Summary Musical sounds, music as a language of communication, musical forms.


Call # Fr VC8097
Title Les 4 saisons de Marie-Soleil
Grade Early Years.

Summary Snow, rain, sunshine, enchanting locations, holidays, colours & songs capture of magic of each season.

Call # Fr VC8096
Title L'album de Marie-Soleil
Grade Early Years.
Summary Fun, delightful, educational, an album where each picture becomes one of Suzanne Pinel's favourite singable songs.

Call # Fr CT0335
Title Children's songs for learning French
Grade Early - Intermediate
Summary Well know French songs.

Call # Fr VC6624
Title Felix leclerc chante cadet rousselle
Grade Early years.
Summary A popular folksong.

Call # Fr VC8207
Title Felix Leclere chante cadet rousselle
Grade Early - Intermediate
Summary Colorful puppets illustrate the old French song about Cadet Rouselle, who falls down a ladder, trips on battlements and whoses dogs will not obey him.

Call # Fr VC6394
Title Frere Jacques
Grade Early - Intermediate - Middle
Summary Based on the well known folk song. Animated. Noun, adjective & verb is visualized by appropriate object or action.

Call # Fr VC8099
Title Marie Soleil
Grade Early Years.

Summary Her most popular songs.

Call # Fr VC8098
Title Une journee avec Marie-Soleil
Grade Early Years.
Summary A day filled with fun, educational & artistic song

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