EGMTL Center Lessons for the primary room and the intermediate room.

Essentials of Music The basics of classical music.

K-12 Resources for Music Educators Links to: Sites for Band Teachers; Sites for Vocal/Choral Teachers; Sites for Orchestra Teachers; Sites for Classroom Music Teachers; Valuable Sites for all Music Educators and Biographies, History and Works of the Great Composers.

Music/Computer Labs: Arranging Teaching and Learning Space for Success Lentine's Music, Inc., provides this guide for designing technology-enhanced music lab spaces for the classroom.

Music Education Contents: Learn and hear about different instruments; Learn to read music; Information on musical genre; This Day in Music History; other musical education sites. Needs QuickTime installed to access sound.

Music Education Online Links to Articles on the Importance of Music Education. Links to Music Education Resources.

Music Instructional Materials

Music Links Links to: Film Music; Music Technology; Music History and Theory; Sheet Music; Lyrics, etc.; mp3 Sites; Music Department Web Sites; Midi Sites; World Music; Music Education Sites and more.

Music Notes: An Interactive Online Experience Musical information from the medieval era to the 20th century, interactive games and links to other sites. ABC de la chanson francophone contains audio, searchable by artist or title.

Play Music - Stage How the orchestra stage is arranged and information about each section. Includes sound.

SoundTree - Music Technology for Educators Teaching tips, articles, lesson ideas. Soundtree product guide with information on creating high tech music labs.

Squeak and Blat Rap Music Technology Articles on topics such as getting started with music education technology and music labs.

Technology Institute for Music Education Contains articles by experts on music education technology.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources This site, maintained by the Indiana University School of Music, has links to sites on Individual Musicians; Genres and types of music; Research and study; Commercial world of music; Journals and magazines and more.


Jazz This website was created to support the PBS series by Ken Burns. Includes audio clips of many U.S. jazz performers and historical and biographical information. Blue Web'n Site.


Last updated: February 8, 2006