HOURS: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Friday

Holiday Hours (Christmas Break, Spring Break July and August) are posted in the Division Bulletin.

Media Centre Staff

Colleen Einarson, Supervisor -
Detailed Reference Services, Assistance in Using Media Centre Catalogue

Orysia Bodnarchuk, Secretary -
Booking for Video Editor, Audio or Video Cassette Duplication, Preview Network Information, Bulb Orders and Information, Periodical and Book Orders, Bibliographic Information, Out of Division Courier, Shipping and Receiving Media Centre Materials to Schools, Receiving Books. Paul Pura Library, Curriculum Documents.

Val Hammond -
Book Processing, A.V. Material Searches, Audio or Video Cassette Duplication, Periodical Loans.

Shirley Beiko -
Evening Services, A.V. Materials Bookings, Computer Searches by Subject, Title or Keyword, Music Loans.



The Media Centre offers a wide range of educational support services to teachers. The centre is located behind the Board Office at 150 Moray Street in the Professional Development Centre. The staff is eager to assist you in enhancing the Division's reputation for instructional excellence.


1. Media Centre Catalogue - Each school library receive a copy of the automated catalogue, listing all resources we have for loan.

    Catalogue entries provide the following user aids:
    a) Subject headings which coincide with curriculum teaching assignments and Library of Congress subject headings.
    b) Descriptive annotations of the contents for all video cassettes, kits, computer programs, etc.
    c) Series access.
    d) Standard physical annotations for each title including format, running time, colour, computer compatibility, language and producer.
    e) Grade level.

    The catalogue can be searched by Keyword, title, level and various other options including combination of Keyword and level. Detailed instructions can be found on     the last pages of this information package.

    Union Catalogue -
    This lists resources available in all our Division's libraries. To search for Media Centre resources; select Keyword search.
    Enter in 600 and any other Keywords, e.g. 600 arctic will provide a list of all resources the Media Centre has on the arctic
    Click on any title to get call number and annotation.
    Detailed instructions can be found on the last pages of this information package.

2. Computerized Searches for Audio Visual Resources-

Detailed instruction can be found by selecting message tab. If you can not access information you need, phone, fax, e-mail or visit the Media Centre to request a resource list.

3. Computerized Telephone Booking and Confirmation System

     a) Orders may be placed by fax or mail or email.
         (Fax: 885-3178)

         When ordering, forward a list containing:
                      1. Your Client number as given on the cover page
                      2. Your school
                      3. Call Number of Resources
                      4. Date Required

     b) Orders for the complete year are accepted in the fall.

     c) When you request resources, you will receive an email confirming the booking which indicates the date it will be shipped to your school. If resources can not be          shipped due to late return, you will receive notification and the resources will be rebooked for the next available date. If you do not receive resources you          ordered and did not receive a rebooking notice, please contact the Media Centre.

    d) Materials must be returned on "Due Date". Return dates are printed on both labels and shipping sheets. The computer automatically cancels the next booking if         the item is not returned on the due date and is to be shipped to another teacher on the next delivery. The computer automatically sends an email overdue notice.

    e) Most items are loaned out on a one week basis. If you feel you require a longer loan period, please make that request when ordering. If you would like to keep a         title longer than its original booking, please phone for a loan extension. Your request will be accommodated, if possible.

    f) Please return borrowed articles in the same package as sent. Make sure labels are attached so that we know where it is coming from.

    g) Some equipment may be borrowed on a long-term basis.

    h) Resource updates listing new materials are enclosed with the first Bulletin after Summer, Christmas, and Spring breaks.

    i) Updated online catalogue will be sent to schools in September and February. The internet version is updated the end of August, December and March.



    All videos shown in Canadian Schools must have Public Performance Rights.

    The Media Centre and Manitoba Education and Training Library support the school curriculum by purchasing videos with Public Performance Rights.

    The Media Centre welcomes input from teachers and will consider purchasing videos teachers see at the public library or video stores that support the curriculum.

    Legal Videos
          - videos borrowed from the Media Centre. NB/ videos which have film classification information on the case, must be reported on the Division video license             report forms. Check with the school office for your school's procedures.
          - videos borrowed from Manitoba Education and Training
          - videos borrowed from Manitoba Health, Drivers Education, Manitoba Cancer Society, etc.
          - NFB videos
          - videos borrowed from the Public Library that clearly indicate the video has Public Performance Rights
          - legal copies of videos that are produced by companies covered by the Division's video licenses. A list of these producers is attached. When showing these             videos, you must fill out a form. Check with your school office for your school's procedure.
          - Canadian Cable in the Classroom programs (T.V. programs with copyright clearance for educational purposes).

Illegal Videos
          - videos purchased or rented for home use only that are produced by companies not covered by our Division license.
          - videos borrowed from the public library that are produced by companies not covered by our Division license. For other producers, unless the public library             video is marked "Has PPR", it is illegal to show it in the classroom.
          - programs taped off the T.V. (except as below) Some programs, e.g. Bill Nye on PBS will have a statement that taping for educational use is allowed. However,             this applies to the U.S. It does not apply to Canada. Usually, the Canadian Public Performance Rights have been sold to a Canadian Distributor.

Off-Air Taping
    For detailed information, see the Department of Education and Training's copyright web page:
    - Cable in the Classroom As per information distributed by this program. See your school librarian for details.
    - News and Commentary Programs NOT Documentaries One copy may be made at time of airing for use within a school educational purposes. After one year the       copy must be erased or paid for.
     - Other programs One copy may be made at time of airing for teacher's review. After 30 days the copy must be erased or paid for.

    Except for Cable in the Classroom titles, a record must be kept of recording, showing and destruction of programs taped off-air. A copy of this form and detailed     information from Manitoba Education and Training is attached.



    1. Although every school has its own A.V. equipment, the Media Centre maintains a collection of over 500 items. The collection contains all the regular projectors,         viewers, audio players and recorders located in the schools. These are usually required whenever a piece of school equipment is out for repair or during peak user         periods such as conferences and festivals.

    2. If you have any questions concerning the operation, maintenance or repair of computers, television monitors, video cassette recorders, film projectors, and all         types of audio recorders and players, call the Maintenance Shop (888-7085 - extension 4) and ask for Hardy Gerl.



    1. An online catalogue of the Media Centre's music collection is available through your school library's automated catalogue.

    2. To limit union catalogue searches to the Media Centre's collection, in Keyword type 600 Music and terms you want to search.



    1. Check the Media Centre's website for a list of periodicals we receive.

    2. The Table of Contents pages of magazines are forwarded to your school library every Friday. A monthly list of new magazines is published in the monthly          Bulletin.

    3. Contact Val Hammond to borrow a specific issue or to be placed on the routing list of a magazine.



    The Centre houses a small collection of professional titles.



    This site is maintained by the Supervisor of Library/Media Services for the St. James-Assiniboia School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba for use by the Division     staff. This site organizes bookmarks gathered from various Internet Searches. From sources such as LM_NET (a Library Media Listserv), the Manitoba School     Library Listserv and recommended sites from various periodical articles.



    1. INTERNAL - During the school year, the St. James-Assiniboia School Division provides Monday, Wednesday, Friday pick-up and delivery of materials from         the Media Centre to each school, E.S.S., Maintenance Dept., and Winnipeg Public Library.

    2. EXTERNAL - The St. James-Assiniboia School Division provides pick-up and delivery of educational materials from many locations in Winnipeg to the Centre:
            a) Manitoba Education - Daily
            b) Centre Des Resources for French materials - Twice weekly (Monday & Thursday.)
            c) AS REQUESTED - AA Foundation, Cancer Society, Driver Education, Consulates, Manitoba Heart Society, Sports Federation, Universities, and other.

    3. The above two courier systems provide teachers with virtually unlimited access to any available educational resource in metropolitan Winnipeg. It is the best         support services in the city. For more information, call Orysia at 837-5886 ext. 225.



    1. The Media Centre will duplicate any audio or video tape which is not restricted by copyright laws.

    2. You send in the original and the blank cassette tape and the Media Centre staff will provide the duplication service for free. Blank tapes are available for purchase;         contact Orysia, 837-5886 ext. 225 for prices.

    3. Personal use of the video-editor can be arranged by contacting the Media Centre.



    1. The Media Centre will protect any visual display information with a plastic laminated see-through cover.

    2. The size of the work to be laminated is restricted to the current stock of laminating film - rolls of only two different widths, 25" and 20".

    3. Current charges are 20 per foot of 25", 15 per foot of 20".

    4. Laminating services require school administrator's authorization and a purchase requisition. Check with you Principal. Teachers are encouraged to do their own         laminating and thus save the minimum $5.00 per half hour labour charge. Call in advance as the laminators require 15 minutes to preheat.

    5. Personal laminating may be arranged by contacting the Media Centre - 837-5886.



    1. Protect your documents with a plastic see through cover. Heat bindings are available in both 1/4" and 1/2" sizes at a cost of 10.

    2. Documents may also be coil bound. The Media Centre stocks coils in 1", 5/8", 3/4", 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" sizes at a cost of 10.

    3. Schools may also purchase their own coil bindings and use the binding machine at the Media Centre.



    1. The Centre has available for use the following reference tools:
              a) Ebscohost magazine database
              b) Proquest educational magazine database
              c) Books in Print online (also available through school library)
              d) ERIC Database online (also available through )
              e) WorldBook Encyclopedia online (also available through any Division computer.)

    2. Any projects which require the gathering of information for professional development or curriculum support may be arranged by contacting Colleen Einarson at         837-5886 ext. 227. This service includes acquisition of computerized bibliographic searches as well as copies of the original articles especially those related to the         ERIC (Education Resource Information Centre) collection.

    3. Information pertaining to the availability and/or preview and purchase of any A/V software or equipment may be requested from Orysia Bodnarchuk at 837-5886         ext. 225.



     1. Although most requests to purchase new equipment and audio-visual support materials originate with subject-area coordinators, the Media Centre welcomes         recommendations from classroom teachers.

    2. The Media Centre maintains numerous selection aids and reviews by educators for available audio-visual and computer software programs. Please make use of         these excellent resources when making purchase recommendations.



PRODUCER                                       REPORT TO                                                 PRODUCER                                        REPORT TO

ABC Distribution                                          VEC                                                         Kenneth Anger                                               VEC
ACLF Films                                                 VEC                                                         Killiam Show Inc.                                           VEC
ADAIR Films                                               VEC                                                         Les Films du Jeudi                                          VEC
Agincourt Productions                                  VEC                                                         Lions Gate                                                     VEC
Alain Vannier                                                VEC                                                         Licas Films                                                    VEC
Alliance Atlantis                                            ACF                                                         Magnum Pictures                                           VEC
Ambassador Film                                         VEC                                                         Majestice Films                                               VEC
American Cinema Marketing                          VEC                                                         Magnum Picture Inc.                                      VEC
Ampix Ltd.                                                   VEC                                                         Behaviour Malofilm                                        ACF
Andre Pepin                                                 VEC                                                         Manesco Films Inc.                                        VEC
Artisan Entertainment                                    ACF                                                         MGM Studios                                                ACF
Astral Films (TVA)                                       VEC                                                         Midwest Film Prod.                                        VEC
Auriga Films                                                 VEC                                                         Miramax Films                                                ACF
Badland Pictures                                           VEC                                                         Mongrel Media                                               ACF
Behaviour (Malofilm)                                    ACF                                                         Motion Int'l (Astral)                                         VEC
Black Watch Releasing                                 ACF                                                         Mrs. S. Bhattacharya                                       VEC
Bobby Roth Resitance Ltd.                          VEC                                                          MSD International                                           VEC
Buena Vista                                                 VEC                                                          MVS Productions                                           VEC
Carnaval Films                                             VEC                                                          Nelvana                                                          ACF
Canadamedia Produxtions                            VEC                                                          New Horizons                                                VEC
Castle Rock Entertainment                            VEC                                                          New Line Cinema                                           ACF
CBS Theatrical Films                                    VEC                                                         Nickelodeon Movies                                       ACF
Cinak Cie                                                     VEC                                                          Norstar Releasing                                           VEC
Cinematographiqu                                        VEC                                                          Odeon Films                                                  ACF
Cinar                                                           VEC                                                          Orion Pictures                                                ACF
Cine Club International                                 VEC                                                          Paragon Motion Pictures                                VEC
Cine Int'l GMBH & Co.                               VEC                                                          Paramount Classics                                        ACF
Cine-London                                               VEC                                                          Paramount Pictures                                      
Cine-Neighbour Inc.                                    VEC                                                          Patmar Films                                                  VEC
Cine-Select                                                 VEC                                                           Picaddilly Theatre Inc.                                   VEC
Cinema Centre Films                                   VEC                                    
                       Pinball Summer                                             VEC
Cinema Plus                                                VEC                                                           Pixar                                                             VEC
Cinema III Registered                                  VEC                                                           PMI/Homevision                                           VEC
Clearwater Films                                          VEC                                                          Polygram                                                       ACF
Columbia Pictures                                       VEC                                                          Quartet Films                                                  VEC
Crawley Films                                             VEC                                                           Rearguard Productions                                   VEC
Creswin Films Ltd.                                      VEC                                                           Remstar International                                     ACF
Croation Creation Prod                                VEC                                                          Republic Pictures                                           ACF
Deefield Enterprises                                     VEC                                                          Revolution Studios                                         VEC
Desperado Productions                               VEC                                                           RSL Films                                                     VEC
Dreamworks SKG                                       VEC                                                           Samuel Goldwyn                                           ACF
E. Hillenbrand                                             VEC                                                           Savoy Pictures                                               VEC
Epic Productions                                        VEC                                                           Seville Pictures                                               ACF
Essential Cinema                                         VEC                                                           Sony Pictures                                                 VEC
Fat Chance Inc.                                          VEC                                                           Stalkers Productions                                       VEC
Film Consortium of Canada                        VEC                                                           Stanley Halperin                                              VEC
Film Tonic                                                 ACF                                                           Sveriges Radio                                                VEC
Film Ventures Int'l                                      VEC                                                           Sylvia Spring                                                   VEC
FilmKollekpiv                                             VEC                                                           TVA International                                            VEC
FineLine Features                                       ACF                                                           Thomas Koerfer Films                                     VEC
Focus Feature                                            ACF                                                           Touchstone Pictures                                        ACF
Fox Searchlight                                          VEC                                                           Tri-Star Pictures                                              VEC
Frank Vitale                                               VEC                                                            Troma Entertainment                                       VEC
Frontier Amusement                                   VEC                                                           20th Century Fox Film Corp.                           VEC
Graeme Ferguson                                       VEC                                                           United Artists                                                  ACF
Greg Miller                                                 VEC                                                           Universal Studios MCA                                   ACF
Hollywood Pictures                                    VEC                                                           USA Films                                                      ACF
Hurlock Cine-World                                   VEC                                                           Valiant International Pictures                            VEC
Intercontinental Film                                   VEC                                                           Vauban Productions                                        VEC
International Film                                        VEC                                                           Vison International                                          VEC
Iskra                                                          VEC                                                           Vivafilm Ltee.                                                  VEC
Italnoleggio Cinematografico Inc.                VEC                                                           Walt Disney                               
ITC Enterprises                                          VEC                                                           Warner Brothers (excluding pre 1986)
Jack Darcus                                               VEC                                                            Turner MGM                                                 VEC
Janus Films                                                VEC                                                            World Marketing Films                                  VEC
Karim Productions                                     VEC                                                             Zodiac                                                         VEC


At first screen - select login. Do not need password.
At second screen select Search (for keyword, author, title) or Expert to combine fields.

Ignore the copy IN OUT information as it is inaccurate.

This is usually the best place to start. It indexes words from author, title, annotation, subjects, series, location, and grade. This field does not automatically truncate. Remember to add a ? at the end of a word if you want to truncate it, e.g. friend? will find friend, friends, friendship. Do not use very common words e.g. and, as at, be, do, it, no, of, to. These are stop words and will result in 0 hits. The Media Centre assigns the following grade levels to its titles: early, intermediate, middle, senior, teacher. A keyword search provides more hits than you need because it also finds these words in the title and in the annotations. But, sometimes it is a good way to limit your search.

This is indexed as the field is entered in the record. Last Name, First Name. This search automatically truncates. This searches only the author field. You cannot search a specific location. To limit the search to the Media Centre or your school you need to do an Expert search - Location 600 (or school number) and AuthName.

This is the search method to choose if you want to search more than one specific field, a field not provided for in the first screen choices, e.g. Call Number or would like to search keyword and another field. It is useful if you want to limit search by call number, e.g. VC? to only get videos, Fr? to only get French titles. This field does not automatically truncate. Remember to add a ? at the end of a word if you want to truncate it, e.g. Munsch? to get all the titles by Robert Munsch. Your choices here are Added Entry (additional authors, illustrators, editors, different versions of the title), Call Number, CircNum (barcode number of item), ISBN, Keyword, Record #, shelf-st, subject heading, subject name (person as a subject). These choices are the defaults for the Net version of the program. If you use the Media Centre database on your school library computer you will have extra choices such as year and grade.

Indexes title in word order. This is not a keyword search of words in the title, you must enter the title in the correct order. This search automatically truncates. You cannot search a specific location. To limit the search to the Media Centre or your school you need to do an Expert search - Location 600 (or school number) and Title.

Indexes subject (both topics and people's names), in word order. This is not a keyword search of words in the subject, you must enter the subject in the correct order. You cannot search a specific location. To limit the search to the Media Centre or your school you need to do an Expert search - Location 600 (or school number) and SubjHead for various topics or SubjName to search a person's name. This search automatically truncates.


Keyword Search 600 plus the keywords you want to use, e.g. 600 Canada arctic
Expert Search Keyword 600 and then choose the other area(s) you want e.g. title


As above, but for 600 substitute your school code. Your school code is available from your school's library technician.

NB: Searches are not case sensitive. Print out is system default and cannot be changed.




1. Boolean Logic
    And - Narrows search as both (or string) of terms must be present in the record
    Or - Broadens search as either (or string) term can be present in the record
    Not - Narrows search by eliminating records with a specific term

    Boolean operations can be combined e.g. Canada and History or Politics and 1867 Not Fiction. If more than one term entered without Boolean term connecting, the     system assumes "and" is to be used.

2. Truncation
    The ? is used for truncation.

    educat? - will find records containing any word starting with educat e.g.
    education, educate, educator

    ?day - will find records containing any word ending with day e.g. Monday, Friday, today, doomsday, everyday.

    wom?n - will find records containing woman or women

3. When you select Keyword, author, title or subject search, the index shows up on the left. As you type the screen moves to the appropriate part of the index. You     can click on any word on the left to bring up those titles.
    The number of hits appears on the bottom left of the screen.


1. Select the library you want to use.

2. If a library you do not want appears, select back icon to get list of libraries that are Open. On the left there are icons for Keyword, subject, title, author, or expect.     Select the one you want.

3. When finished typing in information for search, press enter and records will appear. The number of records found appears at the bottom of the screen.

    As you type index on left moves to appropriate place in index. You have the option of clicking on an index word and the system will show those records.

    Print - This will print up the find list according to system default report. Unfortunately, you cannot change the report format. To print selected titles, click in selected     box to select. If selecting a group, Select first title, hold shift key down and select last title. The system will then select everything between the two titles.

    Clear - Clear search words to start new search (can also delete with cursor and delete Key).

    Sort - Sort the find list in order selected, e.g. alphabetically by author.


    Click on Keyword icon to open
    Most frequently used search tool
    Accepts Boolean search strategy. AND is assumed when two or more words are typed in.
    Need to use ? for truncation
    Finds words from any field that has been set for Keyword index, e.g. author, title, subjects, series title, notes, contents, added titles, summaries.
    Fields can be combined, e.g. author and title or subject words
    Do not us stopwords, e.g. the, an, as, in keyword search. This results in hits.
    The stop word list is available from your librarian.


    Click on subject icon to open
    Right truncation is automatic
    The system searches word as first word in subject
    e.g. Actresses hits because correct term is Actors and Actresses
    ? Actresses will find all subject with word actresses
    Does not support Boolean searches.


    Click on Title icon to open
    If system has been set up to search contents in title index, then the system will pick up contents title, but put ? before title. If contents are not indexed in the title     index, search in Keyword index.
    Right truncation is automatic
    When you type in a work, the system looks for the word as the first word in the title, but does not find titles containing the word elsewhere in the title.
    Does not support Boolean searching.

    e.g. children finds all titles or series titles beginning with the word children
              ?children finds all titles containing the word children in the title or series
    The system searches for the words in the order they appear in the title,
              e.g. Field book of common rocks and minerals
    Typing Field Book and Rocks will hits. When unsure of complete title use
              ? e.g. ? book ? rock will also find the title
    NB Will only find series titles if your librarian has set the catalogue to search series in title index.


    Click on Author icon to open
    Right truncation automatic
    Searches need to be done last name, first name
    You do not need to use the comma, a space works. It is probably a good idea to get into the habit of not using punctuation.
    Our records lack author authority control, so when possible it is advisable to use last name, or last name, first initial
    e.g. books by Robert Munsch could be under Munsch, R. Munsch, Robert or Munsch, Robert N.


    Allows you to combine fields not indexed in Keyword, e.g. date and publisher.

    Expands search option any field that is indexed, e.g. Call Number

    Limits search, e.g. search only series.

    Search field options are those fields that the library have chosen to index. Therefore the option vary from library to library.


    In order for this option to be available, the library needs to have a shelves file in its Datadict folder. If this is set up you can browse through an area of the library,     e.g. Fiction, Easy Books, 500s in shelf order.