A is for Algebra In the units by BC Teacher-Librarians section of The Bookmark May 2002.


Euclid(330?-275?BC): Biography of one of the most influential and best read mathematicians of all time.

Pythagoras (Grade 11) In the units by BC Teacher-Librarians section of The Bookmark May 2002.


Mathematical Fiction Movies and books with a math theme.

CALCULUS "After seven years teaching high school, including five specifically teaching calculus, Michael Kelley now works at the Education College at the University of Maryland teaching teachers about technology. In his spare time, he has created this excellent Web site about calculus as well as writing some great books, including Rookie Teaching for Dummies. The site contains information about Mike's books, and information about how to participate in his Superbowl of High School Calculus (the deadline for this year was January 15, so you'll have to wait until next year to join the fun). The site also contains a Calculus Problem of the Week, a section called Tutorials, and another section called Fun Stuff. Fun Stuff includes Calculus Holiday Carols and Mike's wacky original Quadratic Formula Song. More substantively, there's a tutorial for "calculus-phobes" and an Interactive Cheat Sheet that covers all the formulas required for calculus." From Classroom Connect, March 2004.

Calculus@Internet Links to pre-calculus and calculus topics.

Graphics for the Calculus Classroom These are excerpts from a collection of graphical demonstrations developed for first year calculus.


Math Abundance Math tutorials for upper secondary students. Also includes links to other sites.

Math HomeWork It is the Math HomeWork help web site. Has links to chronology of Mathematicians; Match Dictionary; The Unit Circle; Formulas from Algebra and Geometry; Practice Problems; Cool Math Links; and more.

Math Practice Test This is the math proficiency test and is based on the requirements for the State of Ohio 9th Grade Proficiency Test. : Basic math skills are explained very clearly in student tutorials where students explain step-by-step how to solve unequal equations, algebra word problems and factoring polynomials. Homework assignments are available, as are study and test-taking tips. Professor Freedman's video snippets explain some basic concepts such as additiions and subtration of signed numbers. Blue Web'n 5 star Review.

MathDEN: Math on the Net Free site, but requires registration. Competition level questions are posted every Thursday for Grades 7-12. Also has Math Challenge, Math Tips and links to Math on the Net.


History of Mathematics: Links to topics such as Biographies, History Topics, Greek Math, Geometry forum.

History Topics Mathematics historical topics such as The rise of calculus; Prime numbers; Mathematical games and recreations; Greek math and links to Mathematicians of the Day and Biographies.


Bienvenue sur la site "Notes de Cours" du programme Mathematique 216 Il peut egalemenet etre utile aux enseighantes et aux enseignants et a toutes les personnes concernees par le programme de mathematique 216 de 2e secondaire.

Lexique de mathematique Dictionary of mathematical terms.

Liens mathematiques Various french math links.

Vitamath Mathematique Secondaire I: numeration, geometrie, statisiques.


Puzzler Web Archive of math puzzles.

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