A+ MATH This site is for elementary age children who can test themselves with flashcards and use the homework helper (which indicates if their answers are correct).

Base 10 Blocks Virtual Manipulatives: Base Blocks "When youngsters first learn to count, they typically think of 17 as a symbol representing 17 objects. It is simply "the thing that comes after 16." Later, as they begin to understand the base-ten number system, they see that the number 17, which is composed of a 1 and a 7, represents 1 ten and 7 units. This is an essential understanding. Before having students explore other number systems, check their knowledge of our base-ten system by having them use base-ten blocks to represent numbers. For example, ask student to use the virtual blocks at these sites to show the numbers 4, 40, 45, 405 and 450." From Connected Newsletter, October 2005.

The Binary System Binary & Decimal Numbers Decimal/Binary Conversion Tool Decimal and Binary Equivalence Other than ten, the most common number-system base is two. In fact, the base-two (or binary) system, which consists of nothing but 0's and 1's, is the foundation of every computer's CPU. Rather than giving students a detailed explanation of binary numbers, consider having them investigate the following sites on their own. Have students keep track of their findings as they experiment with decimal-binary conversions and then ask them to explain binary numbers in their own words. From Connected Newsletter, October 2005.

Conceptualizing Decimals; Decimals and Fractions "This site isn't as flashy as one might prefer, but it has solid ways to conceptualize decimals, as well as some helpful illustrations." by Rachal Hatton in PC Teach It.

Cool Math Organized by kids; teachers; parents; science; game zone.

Decimals "This site has sections about different decimal places, as well as tutorials and practice games." by Rachal Hatton in PC Teach It.

FlashCards for Kids! This web site is set up to help kids learn basic math skills while on th Internet. Grades 2-8. Here is a good example of computers doing what computer do well. Straightforward computation flash cards are generated by this site. And the site works well both for basic skills, remediation, and using the optional timer, as an enrichment activity for students interested in testing their mental math speed. Review by Tim Burnett in Classroom Connect, Dec. 99/Jan.00.

HM Brain Teasers Every Wednesday, this site has a new mathematical challenge 3-4, 5-6, 7+, answers are posted on the following Wednesday. All previous puzzles are archived at the site. Or, purchase all the puzzles directly from School Direct for $20.U.S.

Making Sense of Fractions. Article with links in May 2004 issue of Classroom Connect. To borrow, contact the Media Centre.

KidsMath Organized by elementary and middle school, games and algebra.

Math and Science: Powers of Ten

Math Games Website Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth's website for games that can be downloaded for grades K-3.

Math Goodies: Interactive Math Lessons With A Problem-Solving Approach! Designed for grades five through eight, the lessons cover topics such as circumference, number theory, probability and percent. Students may submit questions about their homework assignments, and teachers will respond with suggestions to put them on the right track. The site also has links to: goodies such as interactive calculators, educational links; puzzles and a newsletter.

Mathematical Puzzles: hands on games for critical thinking. Article in September 2004 Connected Newsletter. Contact the Media Centre to borrow the magazine.

Millions and Billions. From Classroom Connect, April 2004. To borrow, contact the Media Centre.

Nombres et calculs Various math activities.

PBS Kids Cyberchase "A fun math related game is available every day at Cyberchase. Use the show to reinforce a concept taught in class. Pump up the math skills and have a little fun at the same time. Take the poll (and have students apply their knowledge of graphs) or have a peek at the next day's show." Blue Web'n Review.

PBS Teachersource: Math Math and literacy, Math lessons, teacher's lounge.

Roman Numerals
Roman Numeral Converter 24 Hour Translations:Roman Numerals Easy Roman Numerals Computer Romanus For many students, Roman numerals are the first alternative number system that they see. Unlike our base-ten system, Roman numerals do not include the idea of zero. Also, the position of a numberal can indicate that it is added to or subtracted from an adjacent numeral. After student have experimented with the converters, games, and calculators at the following sites, have them work in small groups to prepare a two-column chart showing the pros and cons of Roman numerals. From Connected Newsletter, October 2005.

This is Mega Mathematics! Unusual mathematical ideas for the elementary classroom


Academy curricular Exchange Mathematics K-5 A vareity of lesson plans from The Organization For Community Network, an Ohio non-profit corporation which has been established to be a central repository for information dealing with Free-Nets/Community Networks

Educator's Reference Desk Math Lesson plans from ERIC database

Fun Mathematics Lessons Variety of math lessons for grades 3-8

Illuminations National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Site.

The Lesson Plans Page: Math Lesson Plans, Math Ideas and Math Activities Math Lesson Plans by Grade Level

Math Math lessons designed for gifter K-3 students

Math Webquests Workshop presented at 1999 NCTM annual meeting. Information about webquests, sample webquests.creating a webquest.

Math Through the Ages Math history webquest with teacher's notes/

Project G.A.T.E. Mathematics Sites Links to a varity of math sites for gifted and talented students

SESD Math Webquests Variety of elementary math webquests prepared by teachers in the Saskatoon East School Division

Score Mathematics Lessons California State Education Site

Teachersnet Math Lesson Bank Links to numerous math lesson plans. Most are at the elementary level.

ThirteenEdOnline Math "Starting with tried-and-true lessons that work in the classroom, our Web-savvy teachers have built Web-based activities that use the rich resources of Thirteen/WNET New York and the Internet. Each month, we will create new lessons based upon outstanding PBS series and around outstanding Web resources."


Children's Literature in the Mathematics Classroom From the ERIC archives, links to sites about using literature in the math classroom, as well abstracts of research articles from the ERIC database.

LM NET Listserv Archives Library personnel often post "hits" here, a compilation of all replies to a specific request for literature on a topic. Search the archives for "HIT Math" and find lots of great ideas.

Math and Children's Literature From the Carol Hurst website, articles, suggested classroom activities, sample chapters and booklists.

Math is Everywhere Suggested books, activities and websites that explore the math/literature connection. Prepared by Reading Rainbow and the National Reading Program Committe of the Association for Library Service to Children.

Mathematical Fiction A list compiled by Alex Kasman, Department of Mathematics, College of Charleston, S.C. includes a section on children's literature.

Mathematics & Children's Literature From Elaine Youngs, Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Texas, an extensive list of suitable books with grade levels and annotations, as well as links to other lists.

Mathematics trade books - An article assessing the quality of mathematical picture books includes list and recommendations. Found in The Reading Teacher, v. 57 #7, April 2004. Also available through EBSCOhost if your school subscribes.


Online Dictionary of Canadian Biography: Sir Sandford Fleming "Canada's Sir Sandford Fleming is considered to be the inventor of time zones in Canada and the US. In addition to developing Canada's railway system, he helped establish a worldwide system of keeping time. He was knighted for these and his many other accomplishments." Margaret Stimson, Pembina Trails School Division.

Greenwich MeanTime Worldwide clocks.

It's About Time: Canadian Geographic Archives "Short article with maps. Have you ever heard of someone being fined for ignoring the time change?" Margaret Stimson, Pembina Trails School Division.

Math Forum: Time and Calendars More than 100 links many with lesson ideas.

Printable Canadian Time Zones Map

Take a Walk Through My Day: Arts Edge Ideas to engage k-4 students in thinking and writing about time.

Time: Reasearch Guide for Students Links to printables, downloads, historical information.

Time Services: National Research Council Canadian time zone maps. Also available in French.

Time Teacher "A site with a teacher-friendly collection of links about time. Early Years teachers will definitely want their students to try the interactive clock that's at the Cyberbee site. And if they like that, they'll also like this...http://www.apples4theteacher.com/clocks.html" Margaret Stimson, Pembina Trails School Division.

Last Updated: February 7, 2006