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American Collection: PBS's Mobil Masterpiece Theatre American Collection: Teaching resources, lesson plans, background information, online inks, and behind the scenes production for various American works.

The American Literature on the Web : This site is maintained by Akihito Ishikawa, Department of English at Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages, Japan. This set of American literature resource pages is mainly a collection of links to sites on the Internet especially dealing with American literature and its social, cultureal contexts. It includes homepages and documents on over 300 authors and electronic texts of their works

B. Mcbee's Books: Literature by Canadian Authors Lethbridge Alberta Bookstore provides review from a reviewing journal or a summary of books by Canadian authors. The site is subdivided by: Children's Author's; Young Adult Authors; and Adult Authors.

Bartleby Library: Great Books On-line Includes a wide variety of literacy works plus reference works such as Barlett's Familiar Questions and Strunk's Elements of Style.

Bibliomania Searchable full text works of classic fiction, popular fiction, short stories, drama, peotry, dictionnaries, research and religious texts available on the Internet.

Canadian Pulp Fiction: Tales from the Vault A look at the thriving and sensational world of Candian pulp fiction magazines of the 1940's. Gour-part unit plan--Grades 11 and 12.

Canadian Writers Activities which emphasize the guided process of a dialectic triad: information, inspiration, and invention. Comprehensive teaching strategy--Grades 11 and 12.

A Celebration of Women Writers Browse by author, century or country, and links to other sources of informaiton about women writers.

Early American Lit Sites Links to web pages on American literature to 1865.

The English Server Fiction Collection : Welcome to The English Server's Fiction collection. This site offers works of and about fiction collected from our members, contributing authors worldwide , and texts in the public domain. Short stories, novels, magazines, criticism, drama, poetry and more.

Eye on Books Short interviews with authors. Search by author, book title or genre.

Great Literature Online : Life and work of various authors and selected full text of their work.

The Internet Classics Archive This site features 441 works of classical literature by 59 authors, including Aesop, Aeschylus, Homer, Ovid and Plato. Visitors can read classic works in their entirety, participate in discussions of the works and bone up on the authors themselves. Blue Web'n Site.

A Literary Index: Making sense of literature on the Internet : provides both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, and lovers of literature.

Literary Resources on the Net : Links to literature resources by type.

Literature Resources for the High School and College Student: Quick reference site chromologically, alphabeticaly, and by type. Includes section on magazines.

Literature Resources - ResiNets T Data Sets : Links to a variety of authors, works, topics.

Online Literary Criticism Collection : The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection contains 4548 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by literary period. Includes a section on Canadian literature.

Reading Room - Women's Studies Database Supports keyword searches. Subdivided by: Academic Papers and Articles; Book Reviews; Fiction; History; Nonfiction; Poetry.





Burns, Robert

Thomas Hardy

Stephen Leacock

Arthur Miller

Alice Munro

Gabrielle Roy

de Saint-Exupery, Antoine



Mark Twain



The Biography Maker Students will appreciate this site when it's writing time. Online lessons explain what a biography should be and walk writers through questioning, learning, synthesis, and story-telling. Includes links to relevant Internet resources and tips for effective writing.

NoodlesBib Create your bibliography as you do your research.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant Developed by Professor Chuck Guilford of Boise State University. This site helps students think about what goes into a written piece. There are sections on discovering what to write, organizing, revising and editing writing. Several types of essays are covered: thesis/support, argumentative, exploratory, and informal. The site can be used by students for online guidance, or by teachers as a resource to guide for their classroom instruction.

Purdue University On-line Writing Lab - Handouts Purdue University's OWL (Online Writing Lab) has posted a comprehensive set of handouts online to support writing and the teaching of writing. Contains information from the basic Sound-Alike Words: Their/There/ They're; It's/ Its, etc.) to the specialized such as Business Letters and Neutral Messages). The handouts online assist in individualizing how you work with your students.

Study Guides and Strategies from Blue Web'n Study Guides includes over 50 pages of summary guides to assist students in succeeding in their studies. Topics include study, classroom and test preparation, organizational strategies, reading and writing assistance. Has links to related sites.

The Virtual Presentation Assistant An online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills. Topics include selecting and researching your topic, analyzing your audience, supporting your points, using visual aids, public speaking Web links.

Writing Argumentative Essays Bill Daly, of the Victoria University of Technology (Australia) shows teachers of writing, high school students, and parents trying to help their children how to put together an effective argumentative essay.Includes examples.



Cultural Debates Online

Debate Resolutions

Manitoba Speech and Debate Association 152 debate resolutions

Vanderbilt Debate Team



Drama Teacher's Resource Room Lesson Plans(teacher tried lessons with grade levels); Backstage (costume, props, set design, lighting); Great Drama Links (links to Improv and Games; Design and Technical; Acting; Shakespeare; Teaching). Blue Web'n Site.

Manitoba Theatre Centre

Reader's Theatre Online Canada Read aloud Reader's Theatre Scripts Grades K-10. Scripts for teens and adults.




Based on the Book This site, maintained by Mid-Continent Public Library. "is a compilation of over 900 book titles, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures. Utilizing the Internet Movie Database as the authority on release dates, all movies in this collection have been released since 1980."

Cinema Review: Searchable database of movie reviews.

Greatest Films Contains interpretive, descriptive review, commentary, historical background and film reference material.

Internet Movie Database Summary, credits, awards for over 200,000 movies

In This Year Internet Movie Database site. This section of the site lists movies by year produced.

Kids-In-Mind: Movie Ratings that actually work Rates movies on their level of sex, violence and profanity. Write ups include explanantion for rating, discussion topics and the movie's message.

Roger Ebert Reviews, Interviews, One-minute reviews from Ebert's column in the Chicago Sun Times

The Silent Film Bookshelf Reprints of original documents from the silent film era.





Comics aren't just for kids anymore. Since Art Speigelman's Maus won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992, the graphic novel has been recognized as a legitimate literary form, an important example of visual literacy, a powerful way to present social and political issues, and a hook for "reluctant readers".

Going 'Graphic': educators tiptoe into realm of comics - An article in Education Week, February 18, 2004, Vol. 23 #23. p. 16, examines the reasons why teachers should use graphic novels. Available through EBSCOhost.

Graphic Novel Issue Young Adult Library Services Summer 2005 (Volume 3 number 4)Contact the Media Centre to borrow.

Graphic Novel Roundup A monthly review column in School Library Journal by Steve Weiner, Director of the Maynard Public Library in Massachusetts. Available online and through the Media Centre.

Graphically Speaking A monthly review column in VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) by Kat Kan, librarian. Available online and through the Media Centre. She also posts reviews on The Diamond Bookshelf.

Using graphic novels to attract reluctant readers - An article in Library Media Connection, February 2004, p.26, advocates for the use of graphic novels and provides a bibliography of suggested titles. Contact the Media Centre to borrow.


Anime Cafe: A Parent's Guide to Anime! 'The parents of your teens will thank you if you add this link to your library's Web site. You might even find it useful for collection development purposed yourself. Using a system similar to movie ratings, age ranges are suggested, but the reviews provide the real meat of this site. Detailed plot descriptions lead into specific examples of why a rating was received, allowing site visitors to make their own calls on appropriateness for their audience. For example, reviews reveal exactly what language is used in anime videos or DVDs. The opening page for parents clearly states that "we do not advocate censorship" but hope to "empower" parents to take responsibility in choosing materials for their children. An encyclopedia explains anime terminology and defines many commonly used Japanese words. There is "A Beginner's Guide to Anime" and another for mange.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

AnimeNation 'Anime Nation is, by far, one of the best anime/manga sites on the Web! Its news section has all kinds of updates and Web sites. You can find everything here, including game trailer, TV schedules and anime conventions. This site also has an extremely large forum where you can talk to fellow otaku. A vast database of links is included. In the fan art section are more than 7,000 submissions, including original fan-produced manga. The site also contains interviews, multimedia and review sections. It has a number of contests and you can subscriabe to a newsletter. For sale are a wide selection of DVDs (including imports from Japan), toys, snacks, wall scrolls and apparel, featuring many of your favourite anime shows and movies. You can rent DVDs for delivery to you home, and trade in your old anime DVDs and manga. Overall this site is very good, not only for its forums and fan art, but also for its inclusion of everything (almost) on anime and manga. It should appeal to all otaku and newbie anime lovers. - Aaron Moreno.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

AnimeWebTurnpike 'Everything you can imagine (and more) can be found in this directory with links to clubs, industry and convention information, fan art, fan pages and fanzines. Links to sites on Japanese education, food and pop culture help to further cultural understanding. An online magazine includes columns and reviews. Articles subjects include the Japanese mythology that goes into many anime/manga story lines and an introduction to terminology. As in most Internet directories, not all the links work - and some take you places you'd rather not go. There are occasional pop-ups. Type this address carefully! You can't escape from one site with a similar address no matter how desperately you try.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

Best Anime 'This site is awesome! It has a search engine so you can look for the title of any book, the director of any anime, or any genre that you might like. It even has a certification search so you can find things on your age level. You can find any anime or manga that has ever come out in book form or on TV. This site also gives a short but sweet summary of each anime and pictures of the characters. I just wish there were more searches available for the user. Other than that, this site is perfect! - Mike Boyd. From Voya February 2005 issue.

Comic Books for Young Adults This website by librarian Michael R. Lavin is a good introduction to comic book formats and genres plus a bibliography of recommended titles.

No Fl ying. No Tights 'The fact that there is something for everyone is obvious right from the start. The home page presents three options: "sidekicks for kids," "the orginal no flying no tights for teens," and "the lair for teens and adults," which helps "distinguish between those graphic novels and comics that walk the fine line between teen appeal and more adult content." The site's creator, Robin Brenner, is a library student and "comics and graphic novel enthusiast." In the library were she is employed as a library technician, she helps the YA librarian enhance the collection. Brenner's clear-headed approach is sensitive and censorship-free - and she even offers to consult with teachers and librarians on specific titles. No matter which area of the site you delve into, there is plenty to discover. In the teen area are recommended graphic novel titles with summaries organized by genre. An index allows yo to find it all by title, creator or publisher. A core list provides what you should have read or bought, with a subheading specifically aimed at middle schoolers.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

TheOtaku.com 'This site is very well put together. You can browse your favourtie anime by genre or series title. You can take quizzes, get wallpaper, red articles, look at fan art and send anime e-cards. The fan art section has lots of well-done, finished pieces instead of just little sketches. I take the quizzes a lot, which are very accurate with cool graphics. The html code works all the time, not just part-time as on some other Web sites. Unfortunately, the navigation is a bit confusing if you want to ffind the older material on the site. - Barbara Broome.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition 'Ranmaa 1/2, a manga written by Rumiko Takahashi, is summed up wonderfully by this Web site. If you're looking for something that involves the whacked-out misadventures of Ranma Saotome (the main character) or any of his crazy buddies, this site is definitely the place to be. It includes an extensive introduction featuring the author, an in-depth character list with descriptions, some reviews of the music, anime and summaries of the whole thirty-eight-issue manga. You can learn in which issue a particular item appears (such as the iron corset), and there is some cultural information as well. Links to each of the creators and the voice actors are included. I recommend this site - its is truly great. - Amanda Stanfield.' From Voya February 2005 issue.

The Secret Origin of Good Readers A downloadable reference book with suggested titles for elementary and secondary levels, as well as suggested activities and sample lesson plans.

Study Guides From The National Association of Comics Art Educators, these guides include Art Speigelman's Maus and Joe Sacco's Palestine.

We-Love-Anime.com 'Do you want to experience the anime world? This site is produced for anime lvoers or people who want to learn about exciting fantasy of anime. You can search by title to find anime summaries and their themes, to help you decide whether you would like it or not. There is a large assortment of pictures for each anime. The appearance of this site is exceptionsl, with no inappropriate images to throw off viewers. There are no pop-ups. A great source for loverso f anime and those joining this new world of excitement, it covers mostly anime. It would be better to include more manga along with the anime, because people would be interested to learn more about both. - Amber Martin.' From Voya February 2005 issue.





AskERIC Lesson Plans Lesson plans by subject area. Searchable database. Provides grade level information.

Bantam Doubleday Dell Teacher's Resource Center Forum Teacher's guides are indexed by author, title, illustrator, awards, grade and theme. The page for a specific title provides grade level, awards, summary, teaching ideas, classroom activities, thematic connections, interdisciplinary connections, related novels and reviews.

BLUE WEB'N: A Library of Blue Ribbon Learning Sites Arranged by subject area, subdivided by links to tutorials, activities, lesson plans, hotspots, resources, references. Allows keyword searching.

CEC (Columbia Education Center) Lesson Plans Lessons are arranged according to subject and grade level.

CyberGuides : Teacher Guides and Student Activities. From the Language Arts SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Educators Project), teacher-developed CyberGuides are "supplementary units of instruction based on core works of literature, designed for students to use the World Wide Web." Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher edition, objectives, a task, a Web-infused process, and an evaluation rubric. Most guides have students create a product after reviewing Web resources.

EDSITEment - Guides for Home and School Lesson plans that integrate Internet resources into the high school curricula. Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Council of the Great City Schools, MCI Telecommunications Corporation and the National Trust for the Humanities.

Forefront Curriculum Web Site

i. Practical strategies for using the net to enhance your classroom curriculum (seminar presentations) Grades 6-12.

ii. Integrating the net into the Social Studies/Language Arts classroom subdivided by: Outstanding Educational Sites; Ready to use lesson plans for the classroom; On Line Resources and Curriculum.

Social Studies School Services Excellent source of lesson plans, activities, etc. on historical novels, such as The Crucible, the holocaust, Shakespeare.

Young Adult Literature: Middle & Secondary English Language Arts Includes links to general education add literature sites, genres, , authors, book review sources, drama, high interest/low vocabulary, lesson plans, periodical and newspapers, poetry.



Instructional Materials in Media Literacy Studies A CLN Theme Page

Media Awareness Network Information and resources for media literacy and violence in the media including teaching units on media related issues. Available in French and English. Blue Web'n Site.

Media Selection Worksheet Checklist to determine the most appropriate media for a project.

Medicine and Madison Avenue "These ads illustrate the variety and evolution of marketing images from the 1910s through the 1950s. The collection represents a wide range of products such as cough and cold remedies, laxatives and indigestion aids, and vitamins and tonics, among others. Compare health information with media literacy and U.S. History." Blue Web'n Review.

Media Literacy Webography: Sponsored by Oneida city School District - what is media literacy, how to evaluate, tips for critical analysis and more.

19th Century Advertising History: : Some of the ads found in Harper's Weekly.

Understanding the Impact of Media on Children and Teens Online brochure covering: The Power of Media Messages; Media Messages: Good or Bad; Media Education Basics; Everyday Media Education Ideas; and Set the Home Stage for Media Education.

Violence on Television What do children learn and what can parents do?





The English Room 30 Days of Poetry. Students have a poetry writing assingment each of the 30 days, or teachers can assign several types of poems for students to experience. Research Using Technology has an activity where students research a word using several sources , then write short essays about what they dicsovered. Check out this site for other creative ideas that English and writing teachers can incorporate into their curriculum. Blue Web'n Review.

The Poetry Archives Contains the text of more than 3,600 classical poems, The site can be searched by author, title, and first line.

Reading Room - Women's Studies Database Supports keyword searches. Subdivided by: Academic Papers and Articles; Book Reviews; Fiction; History; Nonfiction; Poetry.



National Council of Teachers of English This site has a link to teaching ideas, which in turn has a link to classroom activities.




Great American Speeches PBS site covering 80 years of political oratory. Sections include archives, trivia, critics corner and ideas for teachers.

History and Politics Out Loud "An archive of politically significant audio clips searchable by date, speaker, or title. Included are speeches by Bill Clinton, Winston Chruchill, Nikita Khrushchev, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will be moved by Robert Kennedy's address marking the 100th anniversary of the Emanicipation Proclamation, captivated by John Kennedy's statements about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and intrigued by snippets of Richard Nixon from the original Watergate tapes". Classroom Connect, Sept. 2000.



The 20s Censorship
The 30s McCarthyism


The Magpie Sings the great Depression "This website presents almost 200 poems, articles, and short stories and many graphics and photographs from The Mapie, literary magazine of Dewitt Clinton High School, encompassing the years 1929 to 1942. Have students catch a glimpse of student life in New york City during the years of the great Depression and the power of literacy magazines." Blue Web'n Review.


Flapper culture and style: Louise Brooks and the Jazz Age In addition to information about flapper culture and fashion, this site includes links to sites on 1920's fashion, magazine articles from the 20's, the F. Scott Fitzgerald homepage, Flapper Station (a web site on the Jazz Age), culture in the Jazz Age, Jazz Age music and literature.

The Jazz Age Page

JCS: The History of Jazz Information on various topics such as: Jazz story, early musicians, The Jazz Age, depression days.

The 1920's experience Skimpy information on prohibition, but good for 1920's information on people, events, foods, fashion, technology and inventions.

RETRO: RETROactive: Prohibition Tales

20th Century decades: 1920-1929 Some of the links are: The Ohio Day Campaign of 1918, Alphonse "Scarface" Capone, The Roaring Twenties


The Great Depression

Main Causes of the Great Depression

The New Deal Network Focusing on the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration.

Postcards from the 1920-1930's

Pulp Hero's of the 1930's & 40's

SuperStars of the 1930's

20th Century decades: 1930-1939 Great depression, Great depression: causes and cures, new deal, Herbert Hoover.


Banned Books On-Line Books that have been censored or had censorship attempts made against them.

Web Crawler: Banned Books Links to various site on the topic of banned books.

Most frequently banned books in US in the 90's List taken from table of contents of Banned in the U.S.A. by Herbert N. Foerstel. There are links to titles available on the Internet.

Freedom to Read Week - Challenged Books List A Canadian site posted by the Book and Periodical Council.

PEN Canada The Canadian site of an international organization. Has links to PEN Canada's 1999 briefs on abuses to freedom of expression in China, Iran, Mexico and Nigeria. Check the bottom of the site for a link to a page on censorship in Canada.


The Age of McCarthysim "Lengthy narrative excerpts from a book of the same name by noted historian Ellen Schrecker. Click on the link "50s Home" to access articles and essays on American culture in the 1950s, compliled by University of Pennsylvania English professor Alan Filreis." Library Journal, April 1,2000.

The American 1950s: Links include sections on Arthur Miller and on McCarthyism.

The Carey Document Article by Professor Boyan F. Le Beau, Department of History, Creighton University that was published in the Summer of 1997 edition of The Early American Review.

Home Work Center - American History : McCarthyism

Home Work Center - American History Salem Witch Trials: Links to various sites on the Salem Withch Trials.

McCarthyism : Events, spies, investigations, blacklisted people.

Salem Witch Museum FAQ about the Salem Witch Trials.

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive Links to documents and transcripts, historical maps, archival collections and contemporary books.

The Salem Witch Trials Appears to be done by students. Subdivided by: What Started It?; Why 1692?; Who was Accused? "The Who Made It?" section has links to other sites.

Salem Witchcraft Trials This site includes a chronology, arrest warrants, letters of Governor Phips, petitions of accused witches, information on The Crucible.



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