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Authors on the Web Links to information about authors. Some sites only contain brief biographical sketches, others have biographical information, links to lesson plans, etc.

Children's Literature and Language Arts Resources Menu Page Internet School Library Media Center page with lings to book awards, reviews, authors, illustrators, bibliotherapy, genres, LA resource and more.

MYRCA 2005 Presentation Powerpoint presentation for books on the 2005 MYRCA list.

MYRCA Award Books This year's choices, past winners, teacher tips and printable bookmarks.

Edgar Allen Poe Award for Young Adult Literature is a great site! Reviews, word of the day, Quote of the day, Question of the week.




Children's Literature Web Guide Links to numerous internet resources related to books for children and young adults.

CM: Magazine Canadian electronic magazine that provides reviews of books and videos, information about authors and feature article.

edirectory : Directory of scholars of literature for children and young adults

Index to Internet Sites: Children's and Young Adults' Authors and Illustrators Links to various sites.

IPL (Internet Public Library) Youth Division: Author Page Has two sections: i) Author Biography - Biography of various authors and answers to frequently asked questions. ii) Author Links - Links to sites about various authors.

How Novel: Canadian Young Adult Literature This site was developed by the Saskatoon Public Library. Search by title author or subject. Author search provides photograph and sometimes a very short biography. Tip select search and type in author's last name to get a list of titles written by the author with summary, awards and sometimes reviews. Has links to related sites.




The Reading Corner - Young Adult Contains annotations of various young adult fiction and nonfiction books. Also has links to websites appropriate for middle school students.




Gander Academy: Wolve Theme Page Information about wolves in English and French.

Jean Craighead George Interview From Friends of CCBC Newsletter 2000, Number 5.

Julie of the Wolves: Teacher's Guides Teacher's guide from Harper Collins.

The Official Jean Craighead George Website



Anne Frank House This site provides information and photographs of the Anne Frank House Museum, Anne Frank, her diary and has a link to activities.

Anne Frank Online Background on her life and times, the story of her diary and excerpts from it.

The Diary of Anne Frank Information on Anne Frank and a discussion of her diary.



Novel Study - Airborn (download)



The Foxman by Gary Paulsen From Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site. This page is arranged by: Review, Things to notice and talk about, Activities, Related books and Related areas on the Internet.

Gary Paulsen Biography, lesson plans, selected bibliography and ERIC resources.

Gary Paulsen: A Writer of His Time This page is written by an American secondary English language arts teacher. It provides a biography of Gary Paulsen including references to his books followed by a description of each novel including quotes and a list of his works.

Paulsen Page Biography, bibliography, awards, reviews, information on published interviews, suggested reading list, references.



Capturing the Magic of Harry Potter

Harry Potter - Excellent Adventures Includes pronunciation guide and suggested readings while waiting for the fourth book to be published

Harry Potter Web Site

Rowling, J.K. Yahoo! Full coverage site. Links to various news stories and related web sites.


ZOOM: Harry Potter Books PBS site with book reviews by young readers.



Antoine de Saint-Exupery Contains information about Saint-Exupery and links to related sites.



R. L. Stine "What is it about RL Stine's Goosebump books that has inspired even the most reluctant readers? Did Stine's friends think he was weird when he was growing up? Did he love creepy and crawly things? Find out the answers to these questions and more at this Web site. Learn about the author, read frequently asked questions and answers, write your own scary storeis, and discover how this successful author gets his story ideas. Additional sections of the site include games and contests, kid news, book reviews (where other great books are featured), and more. Caution: this site has some raunchy humor that some people may find offensive." Classroom Connect May 2004.



Children's Historical Novels Article on Geoffrey Trease

Cue for Treason Lessons Character, style, themes, genre and more.

Cue for Treason Study Site Resource site for the study of this novel. Has links to other sites.

Cue for Treason Themes

Enrichment and Extension for Cue for Treason Study Scamper Exercise for Cue for Treason

Genre Essay Historical Fiction section includes Cue for Treason

Histfiction Cue for Treason as historical fiction



ALTERNATE HISTORY "Alternate history is a subgenre of science fiction that...contains elements of historical fiction and sometimes time travel, but is unique in that it extrapolates upon how, if a given event is changed, the course of history will be altered from that point forward." Learn more in the article Thinking Sidewise by Adam Snider, School Library Journal, April 2004, p. 41. Available online here. Also can be borrow from the Media Centre or accessed via EBSCOhost if your school subscribes.

Barnes and - Mystery & Crime Select Mystery and Crime. Narrow results by Location, Author, Time Period, Awards, Series.


Funny Books The MSLA Journal, Spring 2004 issue has a list of funny books for early, middle and senior levels. Contact the Media Centre to borrow.

Humorous Stories for YA Readers A list from the Wolfner Library.


LM_NET Archive List of Renaissance titles - May 8, 2000


Learning with Mysteries "In addition to six lesson plans on using mysteries in the classroom, this site has a discussion on how mysteries can contribute to skills within Bloom's taxonomy, a forum for discussion and practical suggestions from teachers, and links to web sites that support the lesson plans - including one to the host" Annotation from School Libraries in Canada, Sources 1999.

Mystery/ "A wide ranging set of information on mysteries both within the site itself and/or through external links. Students have their choice of daily and weekly mini-mysteries, interactive mysteries (soap style), discussion areas (e.g. on famous authors, famous characters, TV mysteries), book reviews, and writing contests. Teachers will also find a collection of lesson plans." Annotation from School Libraries in Canada, Souces 1999. 


JOURNALISM "Robert Niles prepared these statistics lessons for journalists to help them understand and accurately present information they gather, but the lessons work for non-journalists, too. Topics covered include mean and median and the difference between them; standard deviation and normal distribution; margin of error; and data analysis. There are also helpful introductions to sample size, information about picking and implementing statistical tests, and help for finding data on the Internet. All topics contain links to additional resources. After mastering the statistical skills required of any good journalist, budding news hounds can check out Robert Niles' tips for interviewing candidates for politital office. Based on a sample size of one, my survey indicates with statistical certainty that this site is a sure thing!" From Classroom Connect, March 2004.





Instant Poetry Forms "Instant Poetry Forms consists of more than sixty interactive literacy activities. Students can point, click and add words to the frame of a poem. With a quick click on the button below the form, the writer's words are magically added, completing each line. At that point, poets are invited to export their draft into a word processor for further revision and editing, (choose font, clip art, a border, etc.). An interactive poetry form finder on the website categorizes the forms by topic (or language skills) to help literacy teachers find just the right form for the mini-lesson of the moment." Blue Web'n Site.



Racism / Slavery






Middle Years Dragon Fiction for 9-12 Year Olds



Anne Frank, the Writer: An Unfinished Story "Established as a joint project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Netherlands Institute For War Documentation, this is an online exhibit of original writing by the young victim of World War II. Through her words, students follow Anne and her Jewish family into hiding and listen to a voice that speaks "in the moment." In addition to the original writing, the exhibit features interviews with Anne's cousin Buddy Elias and curators of the Holocaust museum. Visitors are invited to share their impressions about Anne Frank's diary, and there are links to other resources about her life and work." From Classroom Connect, March 2004.


A Cybrary of the Holocaust Includes photographs, stories of survivors. The Education link includes a Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust and lesson plans and timelines.

Holocaust (Mining Co. Site) Contains articles on topics such as camps, children, ghettos, propaganda, resistance, survivors. The section on children includes a two-part series on children who hid during the Holocaust. Part one features children who hid in attics, basements, and cupboards; part two focuses on children who hid their true identity in public.

Includes a subscribe feature to receive site up-dates via e-mail

Holocaust Memorial Center - About the Holocaust Page The Holocaust Memorial Center is located at the Jewish Community Campus in West Bloomfield Michigan. The About the Holocaust page includes: What is the Holocaust; Concentration Camps; and links to Holocaust and Jewish web sites.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online The teachers' resources section includes a glossary, bibliographies, articles and timelines.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Sponsored by The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. This site provides "an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through text, documents, photographs, art and literature". It includes links to student activities and teacher resources.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum "The Museum's primary mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge about this unprecedented tragedy; to preserve the memory of those who suffered; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the moral and spiritual questions raised by the events of the Holocaust as well as their own responsibilities as citizens of a democracy." The section titled About the Holocaust includes links to related sites.



VC6822 The Holocaust : Grade Middle - Senior. Summary True story of the experiences of a teenager during the Holocaust.

VC6950 Holocaust denial vs. freedom of speech Grade Senior. Summary Free speech vs. the right to express unpopular views or even outright lies. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

VC3217 Memorandum (Hitler's Jewish Solution) Grade Senior. Summary Flashbacks in the mind of a Jew who escaped the Holocaust.

VC6039 Racism Grade Senior. Summary Horror of racism from a survivor of the Holocaust.




Aboard the Underground Railroad "This site from National Park Service includes photographs of places and buildings where slaves were hidden on their journey to freedom during the days of the Underground Railroad. The site states that "Historic places along the Underground Railroad are testament of African American capabilities. The network provided an opportunity for sympathetic white Americans to play a role in resisting slavery, and brought together, however uneasily at times, men and women of both races to begin to set aside assumptions about the other race and to work together on issues of mutual concern." Not only will the user find out about the operation of the Underground Railroad, but also about the slave trade and the Civil War." From School Library Media Activities Monthly, February 2005.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad "An interesting site created for use by a second grade class studying the Underground Railroad and the students also created some of the content. The site received numerous awards and citations. There are timelines, biographical information, maps, photographs, puzzles and a quiz. Also included is a bibliography of related children's books and activity ideas." From School Library Media Activities Monthly, February 2005.

The Underground Railraod (History Channel) "An online exhibit that shares information about the Underground Railroad through the related events, people involved and locations included." From School Library Media Activities Monthly, February 2005.

The Underground Railroad (National Geographic) "An award-winning virtual tour in which the users are taken on a virtual journey through the pages as if they were a slave deciding to seek freedom." From School Library Media Activities Monthly, February 2005.



Authors write about survival - In an article by Jane Fine in Young Adult Library Services, Vol. 2 #1, Fall 2003, several YA authors answered the question "What does survival mean to you, either personally or professionally?" Contact the Media Centre to borrow.

LM_NET Archive Search survival theme or survivor titles to access lists of books on this theme suitable for middle school students.

Survival Diaries Annotated book list of survival titles.




A&E Documentary This site provides lesson plans, with permission to copy, for the four part documentary produced by A&E. The videos are available from the Media Centre - VC8134

Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Guide A search on "Titanic" results in excellent links to sites such as: the ship's construction; the movie and documentaries; movie reviews; history of the Titanic.

Encyclopedia Titanica This site includes passenger lists, crew lists, deck plans, lifeboat information and more. Where available, biographical information about passengers is given along with information about their rescue or death.

The official movie web site

Titanic: A Special Presentation from Britannica Online



VC8617 The Nightmare and the dream Undersea geologist Dr. Robert D. Ballard's international expedition to the Titanic shipwreck site.

VC8618 A Question of murder Journalist Peter Williams and his team spent months digging through letters, inquiry records and ship blueprints, until they uncovered the disturbing truth: The ship's owners knew the Titanic was not equipped with enough lifeboats. Interviews with survivors recall the victims - crew members, immigrants and millionaires. Color with B&W Footage.

VC8134 (English) VC8839 (French) Titanic Death of a Dream, parts 1 & 2; The Legend Lives On, parts 1 & 2. Uses newsreels, stills, diaries & interviews with survivors.




Africans in America This web site supplements the 6 hour PBS series Africans in America: America's journey through slavery. It is broken down into four segments, dealing with slavery in the United States from 1450 to 1865. Each section includes a narrative, resource bank link and teacher's guide. There is also a companion book.

Civil War Gallery, Michigan Historical Museum Information and illustrations on the underground railroad. Includes a map with routes slaves took through Michigan to reach Canada.

Excerpts from Slave Narratives Stories of slaves: where they came from; who sold them; who bought them; their experiences. Preview before use.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Interactive web site created by a second grade class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The site includes an interactive quiz, timeline, research links, character sketches, curriculum ideas. Although written at the elementary level, some of the ideas can be adapted for higher grades. Blue Web'n Site.

The Northstar Foundation: Walk to Canada Traces one possible route from Maryland to Ontario. Also has links to historical background and research with resources.

Slave Voices from the Duke University Special Collection Library Slave accounts, copies of such items as Bills of Sale and letters.

The Underground Railroad This is a National Geographic site. Follow the footsteps of Harriet Tubman. Includes an interactive journey, classroom ideas, maps, a timeline.

Underground Railroad Site - Table of Contents Introduction to the underground railroad, personal narratives, literature, music, maps, links to other sites.



VC6014 Hey, Kelly! Focuses on the harmful and hurtful effects of racism and name calling.

VC5599 Multicultural Canada Racism, stereotyping, discrimination and problems faced by new immigrants.

VC6829 RACE TO FREEDOM: THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD American blacks who escaped slavery by fleeing to Canada.

VC5706 Racism Facts, accepting the culture, heritage and lifestyles of others, destroying racism.

VC6429 SING OUT FREEDOM TRAIN Underground Railroad (through familiar spirituals songs & dialogue) & of Canada's history during the days of U.S. slavery.

VC6544 SPEAK IT!: FROM THE HEART OF BLACK NOVA SCOTIA Issues of identity & racism facing Black youth today.



Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater Home Page Includes scripts and practice sheets for team scripting.

AskERIC Lesson Plans Lesson plans by subject area. Searchable database. Provides grade level information.

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Journalism Includes link to Making a class newspaper (Grades 5-6). Materials, time required, activities and procedures.

Bantam Doubleday Dell Teacher's Resource Center Forum Teacher's guides are indexed by author, title, illustrator, awards, grade and theme. The page for a specific title provides grade level, awards, summary, teaching ideas, classroom activities, thematic connections, interdisciplinary connection, related novels and reviews.

BLUE WEB'N: A Library of Blue Ribbon Learning Sites Arranged by subject area, subdivided by links to tutorials, activities, lesson plans, hotspots, resources, references. Allows keyword searching.

CEC (Columbia Education Center) Lesson Plans Lessons are arranged according to subject and grade level.

Classroom Connect - A+ Links Page The Language Arts section is subdivided by grade level (K-6, 7-12).

Doucette Index K-12 Literature Based Teaching Ideas: An index to books and web sites Search by author, title or illustrator. Provides links to books and web sites that have teaching suggestions for specific children's and young adult novels.

Forefront Curriculum Web Site

i. Practical strategies for using the net to enhance your classroom curriculum (seminar presentations) Grades 6-12.

ii. Integrating the net into the Social Studies/Language Arts classroom subdivided by: Outstanding Educational Sites; Ready to use lesson plans for the classroom; On Line Resources and Curriculum

The Gander Academy's Readers Theatre Page Scripts, recommended print and online resources.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Select lesson plans and then Literature to access links to numerous lesson plans for various books.

Language Arts Web66 Subject Index to Language Arts sites that can be used to integrate the Internet into the K-12 curricula.

Language Arts - Intermediate These guides to 5-8 Language Arts lesson plans from from Columbia Education Center's summer workshops.

Lesson Plans and Activities This site is from McRel Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory located in Colorado. Provides links to various language arts lesson plans and activities.

National Council of Teachers of English This site has a link to teaching ideas, which in turn has a link to classroom activities.

Reader's Theatre Online Canada Read aloud Reader's Theatre Scripts Grades K-10. Scripts for teens and adults.

Young Adult Literature: Middle & Secondary English Language Arts Includes links to general education and literature sites, genres, , authors, book review sources, drama, high interest/low vocabulary, lesson plans, periodical and newspapers, poetry.



The Biography Maker Students will appreciate this site when it's writing time. Online lessons explain what a biography should be and walk writers through questioning, learning, synthesis, and story-telling. Includes links to relevant Internet resources and tips for effective writing.

CyberGuides From the Language Arts SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Educators Project), teacher-developed CyberGuides are "supplementary units of instruction based on core works of literature, designed for students to use the World Wide Web." Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher edition, objectives, a task, a Web-infused process, and an evaluation rubric. Most guides have students create a product after reviewing Web resources.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant Developed by Professor Chuck Guilford of Boise State University, Paradigm helps students think about what goes into a written piece before they ever start to draft. There are sections on discovering what to write, organizing, revising and editing writing. Several types of essays are addressed: thesis/support, argumentative, exploratory, and informal. There is enough content for teachers to send students to Paradigm for online guidance, or teachers might want to use the resource to guide their own classroom instruction. Prof. Guilford has done an excellent job of summarizing much of the research on the process approach to writing.

Purdue University On-line Writing Lab - Handouts Purdue University's OWL (Online Writing Lab) has posted a comprehensive set of handouts online to support writing and the teaching of writing. Contains information from the basic Sound-Alike Words: Their/There/ They're; It's/ Its, etc.) to the specialized such as Business Letters and Neutral Messages). The handouts online assist in individualizing how you work with your students.

Study Guides and Strategies from Blue Web'n Study Guides includes over 50 pages of summary guides to assist students in succeeding in their studies. Topics include study, classroom and test preparation, organizational strategies, reading and writing assistance. Has links to related sites.

The Virtual Presentation Assistant An online tutorial for improving your public speaking skills. Topics include selecting and researching your topic, analyzing your audience, supporting your points, using visual aids, public speaking Web links.

The Write Site Journalism site for middle school students. Guides students through investigating and writing news stories. The site includes lessons, task cards, graphic organizers and rubrics.

Writing Argumentative Essays Bill Daly, of the Victoria University of Technology (Australia) has shows teachers of writing, high school students, and parents trying to help their children how to put piece together an effective argumentative essay. Includes good examples.

Young Authors Workshop Workshop for middle school taking them through the writing process.




Language Arts - Middle Years - Resources Available from Media Centre

This is an incomplete list. Call the Media Centre for a complete listing on aspect of Language Arts, e.g Authors, Media Literacy, Poetry, that you require resources for.

VC8695 AdSmarts : Defines media. Impact of images on student wants and actions. Common production techniques used in film and television.

VC5619 Advertising and consumerism (Parts 1 and 2) How advertising shapes the media & influences personal lives & spending habits of consumers. In the excerpt from "An Unremarkable Birth", a woman is shown in labour & giving birth. PREVIEW BEFORE USE

CD0052 The Columbia Grangler's world of poetry/IBM 8500 poems in full text.

VC8904 Creatures of the deep Uncover the origins of myths and mythical creatures the world over.

VC8905 Creatures of the night Recreates mythical tales of vampires, witches, ghosts and other monsters.

CD0035 Discovering authors junior, version 1.0/Macintosh Biographies & plot lines on 300 most studied & popular authors for young readers.

VC8906 Dragons Discover how dragons mean different things to the world's cultures.

VC8656 The Edit News editing and the ethics of television journalism are dealt with in this comedy-drama in which a television reporter gets a "hot" story and then bends the rules to make it even "hotter". The methods he uses are common-place editing techniques that can be used to distort and change film and video material.

VC4026 Fiddler on the roof The movie based on Broadway Musical about a poor Jewish farmer at the turn of the century.

VC6822 The Holocaust : True story of the experiences of a teenager during the Holocaust.

VC5604 Mystery writers : Eric Wilson describes the process a writer goes through to create a plot and believable characters.

VC5605 Mystery writers : Eric Wilson shows young viewers the extent of his research leading up to the novel, "The Green Gable Detectives".

VC5606 Mystery writers : Documents the research of Eric Wilson as he searches for a storyline in Newfoundland.

RB0115 Poetry place anthology. More than 600 poems for all occasions.

VC8691 Princes in exile Rite of passage of a shy, intelligent seventeen year old during his three weeks at a summer camp for children with cancer. As Ryan finds fresh strength from his new friends' optimism and defiant refusal to surrender to cancer, his perspective changes. Supports the Grade 8 Novel Hunter in the Dark. CLOSED CAPTIONED

VC8621 Shiloh Based on the Newbery Award winning book. Inspiration story of a boy's love for a dog. Film Classification: PG CLOSED CAPTIONED

VC8536 Shipwrecked Swashbuckler based on the 1873 novel Haakon Hakkonsen. A cabin boy is marooned on an island where he defends the hidden pirate treasure that he finds by booby trapping the island Film Classification G

VC6429 SING OUT FREEDOM TRAIN Underground Railroad (through familiar spirituals songs & dialogue) & of Canada's history during the days of U.S. slavery.

VC3482 A taste of Robert Service Chronological, historical presentation of the poet's life, includes some of his best known poetry.

RB0114 Teaching poetry : How and where to begin.

VC5603 Tom's midnight garden 6 episodes, 30 min. each, an enchanted garden and the two young children who played in it.

VC8531 Watcher in the woods When an American family rents an English country house, the children are haunted by the spirit of a long missing young girl. Film Classification PG

VC5417 Writing as a process : Prewriting, writing and revising.


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