Author/Illustrator Studies

Lessons in Comprehension by Frank Serafini

Why an author/illustrator study?

" an easy way to organize a unit of study with a common thread

How do I get started?

" choose an author who has a large body of work in order to sustain the unit for several weeks " create text sets - multiple copies of various selections " collect more books than you will read aloud and share - it's important that students explore some of the texts on their own " create a feature display in the classroom library " focus on the author's style of writing, genres, illustration techniques, how the publications have evolved over time as well as elements of literature such as character, setting and plot development " create an "anchor chart" to focus the discussion throughout the unit

Impressions - Connections - Wonderings (ICW Chart)


Connections can be either literary, connecting to another book, movie, play, poem, or image, or personal, connecting to one's own life and experiences

Wonderings are questions that we are left with during or after our readings.

** use different colour markers on the ICW chart to indicate the different books read during the author study " gather together any interviews, publishers' promotional materials, newspaper clippings, and article available on the author " decide which book(s) you will read aloud and which books you will invite students to explore on their own " select one cornerstone text that will provide the foundation for the exploration of subsequent books " celebrate your learning as a class with a culminating activity and/or event

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